"live the life you love"

Last Update: May 15, 2021

As I begin my day I am fell with love and gratuity,

I am grateful to be alive,

    I am embracing my day with an open-heart,

    I am a shining beckon of love, joy and kindness.

    Today I allow all my girt to come to me.

    My day is full with appreciation.

    Today I choose to be happy.

    Today I am loving and positive.

    I am an amazing person.

    I am a good soul.

    I am awesome.

    I am a powerful Creator.

    I am Creating a life I truly want to live!

    To day Miracles Manifest for me!

    Today is a special day!

    Today is a gift!

    Today I am celebrating all my life Blessing!

    Today I am loving myself and other unconditionally!

    Today I am being kind!

    Today I am believing in myself!

    Today I am validating myself!

    Today I am fulfilling my potential!

    Today I am successful!

    Today I am being intuitive and wise!

    Today I am giving myself what I need!

    Today I am joyful!

    Today I am abundant!

    Today I am peaceful!

    Today I am aligned and connected!

    Today I am allowing!

    Today I am in harmony with the Universal energy within me!

    Today I am limitless!

    Today I am having a wonderful day!

    All source of positive things happen for me today both expected and unexpected!

    I love life!

    Today is full with wonderment and appreciation!

    I am so Bless today and always!

    Thank you! Thank you for this day! Thank you for my precious life! Thank you!

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    DorothyJ3 Premium Plus
    Thanks to everyone that read my post! it is a pleasure to be part of something BIGGER! GOD! giving honor and praise to the most High God! is my Praise!
    MBdesire Premium Plus
    Thanks, Dorothy, without affirmation life is dull.
    DorothyJ3 Premium Plus
    Live the life you love is affirmations that I live by each and every day, if you will meditate on them they will change your life! I am Thankful and Blessed for the opportunity that has come into my life.
    I share my blessing with others, this is the way the truth and the life, I am loving this feeling today I am allowing every good to come my way....
    Only1Hugh Premium
    Wonderful affirmation there Dorothy
    Newme202 Premium
    Beautiful, Dorothy
    Enjoy each day as it comes