A Suggestion for Finding Your Niche.

Last Update: October 09, 2017

If you had the chance to tell the whole world something that is very important to you, what would it be?

For example:

Every child should be taught how to recycle.
Every car owner should have an emergency kit in the trunk in the winter.

Make a list.

Think about which statement creates the most energy or passion in you. Does it grasp the heart of everything you want to write about and why you will write it?

Write it down on a 3X5 card and post it so you can see it at computer. Read it a few times when you begin writing a blog.

If you find out it does not really fit the way you want it to, stop and repeat this suggestion!


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rjkennedy Premium
Good info Dee. All it takes is one good idea to create a great blog.
MJLaupp Premium
What a great way to go about finding your niche! As a part of the WA community, I've encountered some people who chose their niche quickly and easily. Others had to work a bit harder to fine tune it. But this procedure seems pretty valuable!
DorcasDee Premium
Great! Hope it helps someone! DDee