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August 10, 2018
Well within the first year of my married life I decided I need to make more money. The only way I was going to do that is to find a great company to work and sell myself to them. In 1969 a new Japanese company entered the American calculator market. At that time there were only three calculator companies. They made mechanical calculators, Marchant, Monroe, and Freiden. I had worked for Freiden before I was married and had a lot of experience in calculator application. The new company I am
In May of 2000 I was invited back to Saudi Arabia as a guest of the Royal Family. That is the back of my head meeting King Abdullah, he has since passed away and we also met his three brothers and the present King Salman. Because I wrote a story about my Dad fixing the old King's Cadillac electric window. He gave my Dad a gold pocket watch for fixing the car while he waited.