Updating, Updating, Gotta Keep Up

Last Update: October 06, 2018

When was the last time you went back through all your posts to make sure they're still current and in good working order? That's what I've been working on for the past few days. It's tiring, but well-worth the effort.

Things change in internet-land all the time. I'm an Amazon affiliate, and they're constantly updating the types of ad styles they offer, especially for the huge increase in mobile computing. I just switched my theme to Hueman - I felt it was time for a good overhaul, and this has required quite a bit of updating on each post. Also, I'm deleting old, outdated posts and reviews on products that are no longer offered.

I'm also finding that I've learned a lot about my craft - baking. Some advice I'd given, or recipes I'd shared, just aren't quite applicable to where my niche has settled over the years. For a time, I'd gotten into gluten-free items and I've dropped that by the wayside now. I'm more focused on basic, natural ingredients but I'll leave the alternative flours to others to work with!

I've also become a Canadian and UK affiliate with Amazon, so I'm updating all my ads to accommodate CA$ and UK (euros right now, but who knows next week?) I'm getting some traffic there and I might as well try to capitalize on it.

I'm also revising all my social media SEO. I find I'm sharing a lot on Facebook through my page there, as well as Pinterest. It's good to make sure the photos I'm using are approprate and working well.

Speaking of photos, I am also eliminating any "stolen" photos I grabbed wildly off the internet early in my career. I subscribed to a photo service (I use www.123rf.com these days), and I'm swapping out the bad photos for better, higher-quality photos.

And finally, I'm updating all my print mechanics. I post a lot of recipes that people like to print out in hard-copy, so I use a widget to try to streamline the print process for my customers. That requires adding some code, so that's keeping me busy, too.

But traffic is up and sales are up, so it's all worthwhile. It's a job! And it's fun.

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CravenATAT Premium
Updates are always important, and expanding your options to CA and UK will help you out tremendously in the long haul.