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Last Update: June 01, 2014

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to say how happy I am that I found WA and that I became a Premium Member. I spent 5 years with ideas of how to start an affiliate online business, but I never got anywhere with it. It was one frustration after another. Then I found WA through Ian Pribyl (nomorebsreviews.com) and began the training courses. I still have a lot of training to complete, but I wanted to say that because of WA, I now have two websites up and running within two weeks. WOW! I still do not have any affiliate sponsors, but I know that will come soon. I also know that I need to continue to work on my sites to write blogs and improve upon how they work. In the meantime, I am having more fun than I have had in a long time. Please check out my websites and please give me any ideas you may have to make it better. The sites are as follows:



Thank you Kyle, Carson and my WA family!!!!

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TJ Stevenson Premium
Hi, glad you are enjoying WA, I will checkout your sites! Good luck, TJ