Last Update: April 23, 2016

The editor is easy to use. I wish it would let me size my own font instead of the chosen ones. Plus, not many font options.

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The-Fran Premium
Do you know HTML or CSS code at all? If so, you can switch the editor to "text" mode, and attempt to "style" your division or paragraph inline. But this is small potatoes—in other words such a change would only affect the one post (or page).

If you would like different font options over your entire site, this is best done through a child theme > editor where you can alter the style.css file.

You can actually download google fonts, create a "font" directory on your site, and upload the fonts there. Then change the style.css file in your child theme to use one or more of your google fonts. Are you using a child theme, by the way?

If you know a little HTML and a little CSS, you can make some fairly easy modifications. So I'm back to my initial question (in addition to the child theme question. :)


p.s. PLUGINS. there are plugins for more robust editors, which give you the option of changing font size.

WP Edit : https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-edit/
"Labman" (on WA) has an installation tutorial for WP Edit, here: Do a check on editors at wordpress.org to find others.