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Last Update: April 03, 2020

My observations and a bit of a rant.

I worked in Quality Control several times over the years and I retired from a position of Quality Control Manager of a national window company. The average consumer knows little about the inner workings of a great window, but they do know what’s important about their windows. Consumers are also the final judge of a window company’s long-term acceptance in the marketplace and therefore their financial health.

In those last few years, I saw trends in manufacturing business models change in unhealthy ways. The implementation of “Lean Manufacturing” was the key culprit. The key concept was to eliminate mistakes in manufacturing.

From the supply lines to the financials and everything between, all were picked apart. I believe the most damaging changes implemented were in materials purchasing. The new rules mandated minim materials and maximum speed. The problems I saw in this area are best described by these examples.

Metal and Vinyl Purchasing.

A long-term practice of large blanket orders, based on one year’s usage, were eliminated in favor of minimum purchases based on weekly needs.

The prices of these material nearly doubled but retail prices did not. Delivery times increased and customer became upset and often cancelled orders. The consumer complain pipeline became flooded and in response, that department was eliminated, and customer complaints were ignored.

This was my experience, and it does not speak of most manufacturing companies only some.

Yes, I know this is a rant drawn from my previous experience and I’m retired for 4 years now. So, does it matter anymore? To some, it should. After all, we control the quality of our work no matter what or where this is.

I am ecstatic to be a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, a Quality outfit that really is a leader, and innovator, and the best place this retired quality managers has ever been privileged to be part of.

Love You All fellow members,


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resty1984 Premium
Great Post, In reality yes before the quality of the product is more durable compared now, the raw materials of just like, deform bar is more expensive at this moment but the retailed Price is the same (deform bar)

They did its either use of low quality raw materials or they remove ingredients at the process.

DMahen1 Premium
Thanks, Resty!
resty1984 Premium
Your welcome
WilsonP Premium
Hi Dave, Thanks for sharing. Quality has always been the requirement in all businesses.
I worked in the building industry for 24+ years and quality of work was always at the top of the list across the board.
In the case of the online business quantity of information is important but quality must supersede that.

DMahen1 Premium
I agree, Wilson, though, I have seen a fair amount of of some businesses who trade quality for profits.
TravisHefley Premium
An interesting post. I work in customer service for a major airline. It is an interesting balancing act to maintain a balance in quality and quantity. One of the common complaints most people hear about flying are that the seats are too small. Its something the airlines struggle with; because, if they increase seat space they sacrifice capacity on the plane. With the reduced capacity comes increased airfare and fees. I agree that best practice is to provide a superior product to your customer. However, that superior product must maintain a balance with the law of supply and demand.
DMahen1 Premium
Thanks, Travis. I never thought about air travel and seat size, I have only taken air trips a couple of times in my life. Good to hear from you.