Hearing Loss

Last Update: March 07, 2020

Hearing loss is a long, slow process for most. I know it's a sudden change for some as well.

When it happens slowly, you don't notice it in the passing of each day, month or year.

Six weeks ago I began using hearing aides. Now the world is so different with natural sounds filtered through the device.

I'm happy to have them, even though it's a leaning process. No missed words in conversations because now I can hear them all.

The strange part is that I feel I am encased in a diving suit and separated from everyone. It's a lonely feeling, even though it's all in my mind and I am otherwise reasonably well.

The blessing in my hearing loss and hearing aids is a new appreciation for what I hear, even if it's through a filter, amplified in some places and muted in others.

It's a journey and a beginning, not an ending.

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Ricthor1 Premium
Hello David,

I totally understand your feelings. I too had gradual hearing loss over a period of years and started using aids about 2 years ago. It is a strange and lonely feeling at times, especially when your brain is struggling to process sounds that it doesn't understand. It took me a while to get used to the hearing aids and they though they won't ever make my hearing like it once was, they do help me to hear and recognize most average noises. Don't give up as it takes quite a while for your brain to adjust. Also, keep going to the audiologist and get adjustments until you are as happy as you can be., I almost gave up but then found a really good doc and she was able to adjust and make them quite a bit better. Good luck!

DMahen1 Premium
Thanks, Ric, I have monthly appointments for now and I'm wearing them half days and sometimes all day.
Suzay Premium Plus
Hi Dave, sounds like WA. You just can't get it in a day, but all the changes you made here are life changing as well, yes? Maybe they will help you with these changes, and we all support you in encouragement and friendship! You're going to make it. Life will be richer; better. You'll be one of the "smart" men who "gets it," and seeks fullness of life in the fullest capacity that you can get.

Change is change, nothing ever stays the same.
But it's all for the better if your mind is in the right frame.
With all of the blessings that came before,
if you don't give up you'll get blessed some more!
Do you still got some joy for living? Can you still fog a mirror?
Did you give all the gifts only you can deliver?
Do you keep order in your life, control your negativity and fear?
Until then, Change Is The Flow, Throw fully in your very soul.
Enjoy every dance, every song, You're not done until
The Great Instructor says, Class is over! Now, Get Out of Here.

Hey I'm still a poet if I don't blow it!
DMahen1 Premium
Love your poem, Suzay !
LChay-Reese1 Premium
Thank goodness you have the advantage of hearing aids. My mother-in-law refused to use aids and I watched as she became more and more isolated. I never understood the reason why she refused the help. Once you get used to hearing everything around you it will seem natural. Just be patient with yourself.

Heres to hearing the birds sing,

DMahen1 Premium
Thanks, Laine - I am adapting well so far.
NicholaJames Premium
Hi David,

As you have said, it is a journey and a beginning, not an ending. It is great that you are able to hear better using hearing aids. I guess it will take getting use to them as is the case with most new devices. In time, you will get used to them.

Wishing you the very best!

Kind regard,
DMahen1 Premium
Thanks, Nichola, I'm on my way to getting accustomed to them.
NicholaJames Premium
Babou3 Premium
The age advances for everyone, there will come a day when the young people of today will hear less well, will see less well, will move less quickly. And it does not matter, it shows that we have moved forward in life and that we are still in good enough health to continue to maintain our quality of life. By wearing hearing aids you keep moving forward with good hearing and it's great for you.

DMahen1 Premium
Thanks Ingrid, good to hear from you