Wi-fi's back, Still Made Money

Last Update: September 15, 2017

Hello everyone, Diana here from Orlando, Florida. As you all may know, we got hit with Hurricane Irma this past weekend.

Thankfully, there were no damages to my apartment or my parents' house. Unfortunately, we did lose our internet connection.

What does that mean when your business is based online?

That you cant' really work on it.

In fact, I tried going to a few places to use their wi-fi but they were experiencing the same problem. On top of that, my phone's LTE has been spotty as well.

I honestly did not get much done this week with regards to my business, but I did manage to write a few blog drafts on paper.

What I'm trying to get at is that even though I wasn't able to work on my business for almost a week, I still made some sales and earned some commissions.

That's the beauty of this business peeps.

Even though I was stuck indoors this past weekend and I wasn't very productive, the money kept rolling in because of the work I've put in the past.

While many have been stressing out about paying their bills because they lost almost a week of work, I'm gonna be just fine and I have WA to thank for that.

Cheers everyone and keep working on that passive income!


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Dmorrow Premium
It's great to hear that you're ok after that massive storm and even better that you're financially in good shape!
arielharris7 Premium
I am grateful you and your family is safe after Irma..and yay for sales! thanks for telling us. ariel
RHBarlow Premium
It is good you and your family are ok. Also, isn't it great to make money when you aren't even trying?
GaryJr Premium
Glad to see you and your family are okay, and you're still making money.