If You Want to Succeed in this Business Let Go of Excuses

Last Update: May 1, 2018


Yesterday I decided to create a Facebook ad to drive traffic to my WA review in hopes of getting some sales.

When I got to the portion of the ad creation where I had to select my FB page, I could only select mine; which was not the one I needed.

I literally freaked out!!

I couldn't understand why I had followed every single step from the FB ad training I'd seen and now I'd hit a roadblock. How's my business gonna grow if I can't even create one simple FB ad??

I almost gave up...


Then I decided to get over myself and sure enough, the solution was actually very very simple.

Since my ad got approved last night and began today, I've already gotten a few clicks to my site.

Now imagine if I had just thrown in the towel because "I got stuck".

The real reason so many people fail to run a successful business online is because of their excuses. Once you stop entertainnig your excuses, you'll see solutions start to pop up everywhere.

So let go of your excuses and start looking for solutions and you'll get results that much faster.

Cheers my fellow online entrepreneurs,


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Yes, we will pay all the tuition fees. Do it wrong before it can be done correctly

You are right, the monster is in us, and the willingness to succeed can only come if we overcome the challenges that hold us up in the first instance.

Great, learning by doing this is all it takes. Keep rolling :)

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