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Have you?I found myself lying in the bath this morning and got the urge to write. I didn't really know what I wanted to write about, just that I did. That often happens when I'm not close to my computer, but I usually take my tablet into the bathroom while i'm soaking, just to watch videos and read articles, because it's pretty peaceful and quiet.The main stress points for me this week have been around a house sale. It started in June and it's taken over 4 months to get the thing over the line.
September 19, 2021
Well what d'ya know?I just got my 3 year badge here at Wealthy Affiliate. No-one can ever call me a quitter. 😂When I started, i'd been retired for a couple of years, but was just drifting, doing nothing really. After 37 years of work, I needed time off. We went to Mexico and Iceland and did things we didn't have time for while I was working.Then, in 2018, I found myself wanting to learn again. I was seeing people making good money online and I wanted to learn how it was done.I started l
Just noticed that i'm getting close to the 3,000 friends mark here at Wealthy Affiliate. That's an awful lot of people, but every day I read their stories, trials and tribulations, ask them questions and advice, pick up fantastic tips and just reaffirm why I joined in the first place.Wealthy Affiliate is full of fantastic people. Thank you for putting up with and inspiring me for this last 3 years. 👍Dave
It's been a while since I blogged here at Wealthy Affiliate. It actually seems longer than January.That's not because I've been idle, anything but.Since the start of the year I've made some major changes to my online operations and have also been helping my partner with her website, which is in the real estate niche.Change of DomainThe changes on my own main site have been the main thing that has tied me down. The main one has been a change of domain. I finally decided that it was the right thi
January 03, 2021
So, I know 2020 has been a pretty dodgy year for most, but it has really allowed me to focus on my affiliate business and grow it into something worth having.Overall, i've made £1,682.07 this year! That's pretty cool I think. 😎As you can see, a good chunk of the total in 2020 came from Amazon, up from just £87.54 in 2019. Wealthy Affiliate income decreased slightly, from £323 to £296, but in 2020 I finally got my foot in the door at Clickbank.In 2021, if things k
Here are the stats for my affiliate site from October. As you can see it's been quite a successful month. I've also included my plan of action for this month. Can you suggest anything else? Am I missing anything?Oct 2020Visitors : 3,689Page Views : 7,290Affiliate Products Listed : 109Affiliate Product Clicks : 1,230Affiliate Products Purchased : 156Revenue : £3,720.77Affiliate Commission : £238.63Adsense Commission : £8.09Total Income : £246.62Plan going forwardIncrease
Hi folks, I hope everyone is fine in these difficult times. What has become apparent in the last 6 months is how the World has moved it's shopping habits online and how this has benefited us hugely. Now, the main products on my ecommerce site have always been sold online rather offline, but i'm sure i've benefited too from the upsurge in popularity of Amazon. Here's my results for 2019I managed 1,380 clicks in 2019, sold 74 items with a value of £2,596.73 and a commission of £146.4
Hello everybody!I hope everyone is ok. The lockdown goes on (and on and on), but it's still the ideal opportunity to learn new things. I've been learning how to create my own videos on YouTube. I thought about doing the usual 'talking head' video, but in the end I changed my mind and did a motivational style video with iMovie on my Mac. It's quite a simple thing to do. The hardest parts are sourcing the free-to-use photos (Pexel), putting them together in a sequence and matching them to the sou
I was thinking to myself today, how many streams of income do I have? Well, that is, how many different streams have I actually been paid from?Firstly, i'll start with our very own Wealthy Affiliate. When you study Bootcamp as a Premium member, you learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate properly, and i've seen several introductions go Premium this month.Next, Amazon. I know they've just dropped their commission rates in the US, but here in the UK the commission rates haven't changed and my main
Hi peeps!I hope everyone is well. I'd just like to run something by y'all. I've been messing around with chatbots and i've installed one on my website. It's promoting Wealthy Affiliate but I can set one up for practically anything I think now. I'm still experimenting with it and it's by no means perfect. I need to do a better flow of intent, but you'll get the idea. I've bought some software and have upgraded a few of the modules so I can operate it to it's fullest potential. I only really beli