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Hello everybody!I hope everyone is ok. The lockdown goes on (and on and on), but it's still the ideal opportunity to learn new things. I've been learning how to create my own videos on YouTube. I thought about doing the usual 'talking head' video, but in the end I changed my mind and did a motivational style video with iMovie on my Mac. It's quite a simple thing to do. The hardest parts are sourcing the free-to-use photos (Pexel), putting them together in a sequence and matching them to the sou
I was thinking to myself today, how many streams of income do I have? Well, that is, how many different streams have I actually been paid from?Firstly, i'll start with our very own Wealthy Affiliate. When you study Bootcamp as a Premium member, you learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate properly, and i've seen several introductions go Premium this month.Next, Amazon. I know they've just dropped their commission rates in the US, but here in the UK the commission rates haven't changed and my main
Hi peeps!I hope everyone is well. I'd just like to run something by y'all. I've been messing around with chatbots and i've installed one on my website. It's promoting Wealthy Affiliate but I can set one up for practically anything I think now. I'm still messing around with it and it's by no means perfect. I need to do a better flow of intent, but you'll get the idea. I've bought some software and have upgraded a few of the modules. I only really believe in reviewing things i've used personally.
March 04, 2020
I knew things were going too well. 😉Things have been going great in WA land recently. I was approaching £1,000 from my efforts since starting with WA. I thought it was time I invested a bit back into my business, so I upgraded my themes to GeneratePress Pro for the princely sum of $49. That's a multi-site price too, so thought it was great value.Inspired, I started writing a new blog post. The words seemed to be flowing well. I got about 500 words written, then suddenly the words
I know it's not that long ago that I posted about Amazon. I was messing about with various tweaks and strategies, but all the while trying to improve things. One of the things I tried was changing the text on the Buy button. I changed it to 'Check Price'.Here's the complete 2019 sales figures. 1380 clicks brought 74 orders to the value of £2,596.73, which paid £146.49 commission.Zip forward to today and the results for 2020 to date. Already i've had 717 clicks and 21 orders. That's
It's been more than a month since my last post here. The reason? I've been working hard on my websites! Here are my commissions from Affiliate Marketing since joining WA in Sept 2018 and my first income was paid on 1st January 2019. These are actual paid amounts and it doesn't include any commissions earned but not yet paid (approx £120 at Amazon, £25 at WA and £6 at Google Adsense)I wanted to post this to encourage any newbies that income does come if you get your head down a
January 10, 2020
Not too much to say, other than he was probably one of the greatest drummers i've ever seen, maybe the best ever. He left me with great musical memories, lyrically and sonically.Plus ca changePlus c'est la meme choseThe more that things changeThe more they stay the same
Hi folks, I imagine sooooo many people here have started up with Amazon as their first affiliate partner and have set up a little WooCommerce store to sell affiliate products.If you have, here's a little tip that I picked up the other weekend.When you define your products, you paste in your affiliate link and then get the chance to set your price. With an Amazon affiliate relationship you aren't allowed to display prices on your website.You may think this is a disadvantage, but you'd be wrong,
When people join Wealthy Affiliate for the first time, they always tend to worry about the membership fee and how they're going to pay it every month. Sure, you can go Yearly and cheapen it, but that's still $300+ over the year.Here's what I did.1. Stormed through the OEC course This ensured I was competent in building and hosting websites to a sufficient standard to market myself.2. Hustled on getting small website building jobs. This meant I could then use a pincer-sale technique to either a)
Wow, so as the end of the year is nearly here, I started looking at some stats for 2019. My little weather website that I publish to quite regularly with photographs is going great guns!This is Impressions (teal) and Clicks (blue) from 2019. I started looking at the Google Search Console results and the website ranks no less than 104 long tail keyphrases in the top 10 at Google! There are actually only 104 posts on the site, mainly photos and historical reports, so every post I post seems to ra