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I started a website about 6 months ago, with no intention of even monetizing the thing. After 6 months of adding content and being a member of WA, I realised I could maybe sell some niche related items. I have a WooCommerce store linked up to Amazon affiliate products (only about a dozen). In the last couple of months, analytics shows that Impressions are really taking off and affiliate commissions are starting to materialize. I’m now heavily optimising the product pages to maximise click
I received a request yesterday to build a website for a family member (well, actually my stepson’s dad). He’s a driving instructor, but is having a hard time drumming up new business.When he asked me, I did some research on his web visibility and found out he wasn’t showing at all for local search in the niche. He has a Facebook page which isn’t too bad, but he needed help.I’ve now purchased a domain for him and will be laying out some content to attract organic tr
I found this quote from the inimitable Zig Ziglar the other day. It sums up quite nicely the 5 conditions that must be met before we can make a sale. If you are trying to build an affiliate income by selling other people's stuff, you need to know these. You can't just go around dropping your affiliate links into Facebook, people will just ignore you and mentally screen you out, or even report you as a spammer.The 5 Obstacles No Need - If nobody needs the item, it will not sellNo Money - If peop
Since starting in September, i’ve started to see some progress with my earnings and my savings. My Freedom Pot is something I started a few months ago. Basically, my bank rounds up every purchase to the nearest pound and puts it in my Freedom Pot. I also put £2 per day in there too.My Wealthy Affiliate earnings are from introductions and bonuses for creating training. I could do with more referrals and i’m working very hard on this.Amazon income is slow so far, mainly from boo
My main website is hosted outside of Wealthy Affiliate (for various reasons) but heavily leans on promoting WA. I'd like to have comments on more of my posts, but realise that I can't request comments through the WA Site Comments module.I understand that a member created a Facebook Group for this some time ago. Is it still used by members here? I have requested access but it seems as if the idea might've died a bit.Maybe the Private Message system here is the way to go? Is there a good reason f
For when i’m out and about with my laptop, i ordered a WA sticker to publicise my business partner! Hopefully this will allow people to see my branding and website address .😎 I also had some business cards printed.Has anyone else done this type of thing?Dave
What computer do you use?It's a really simple question and one that makes me wonder frequently. How many people are using Windows based machines and how many have Macs? Are Macs more prevelant amoung entrepreneurial types or not, or is it just my imagination? Please reply to this thread with either 'Mac', 'PC', 'Tablet' or 'Other' . Justify your choice if you wish.Dave
My experiences with Bing PPC (contd)I've been experimenting with Bing PPC ads over the last couple of months, on and off. The initial results were quite encouraging. I got an ad set up and started to get clicks from the keywords i'd selected, some of which also signed up as members at Wealthy Affiliate.I was getting 8 or 9 signups on some days. These however NEVER converted to Premium. Most of them didn't even set up a profile. I also noticed a common denominator - the usernames came in batches
Today, another milestone - 1,000 friends in my Wealthy Affiliate Network. That’s in only 6 months. I always reach out to New Premium members and obviously my own inductees (if they complete a profile). I also follow back anyone else who follows me first. This seems to work quite well. For every two people I follow, i get one friend back. Here’s to the next 1,000 ! :-)What is your approach to Networking here? Do you follow Newbies too?Dave