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Hi, I am Dave O’Hara.

I live in the beautiful city of Durham, up in the North East of England. A University City (Durham University), the River Wear is our main artery, snaking through Durham on it’s way from it’s boggy source in the North Pennines to the North Sea at Sunderland, where they used to ‘Mackem’. The Norman Cathedral stands on a loop in the river, dominating the skyline views in all directions. It’s a World Heritage Site, visited by people from all parts of the globe. It really isn’t as ‘grim up North’ as some Southerners would have you believe.

Moving to Durham

Myself and my partner moved here to Durham in 2014 from a couple of local villages about 6 miles away. (Ferryhill and Langley Park for those who know the area. Good, honest ex-pit villages). It seemed a good idea since we met here and spent a good deal of time supping and socialising in the city anyway. I was in the final stages of my career in SCADA development and website management for a large chemical company (INEOS), making PVC (that’s The PVC bit, and that word should attract the search engines ????). My other half had just started her own commercial cleaning franchise business. It was time for a change, so we took the plunge and found a nice place in Gilesgate to the East of the city centre. We put an offer in, and within a few months had the keys.

Losing My Job

Little did I know at the time we bought the house in Durham that my PVC related job would be made redundant only a couple of years later, in May 2016. Everything came out of the blue. I’d always thought that only happened to ‘older people’, then realised I was already 56, prime fodder for the scrap heap. I’d worked in the same place for nearly 37 years and it paid a decent wage. That was me! The company decided to restructure and my role wasn’t needed anymore, so I was out on my ear. There were several others who went with me, well over 100 years experience gone. I eventually decided to take early retirement as I was over 55. It was a wrench to leave, but afterwards I realised I was probably bored and needed something new anyway. I certainly didn’t miss the early mornings, dragging myself to Aycliffe every day. It was like a long holiday! Still is.

Starting Buying Property

Gathering myself for the new adventure that was the rest of my life, I took my lump sum (Damn you, taxman!). I drew my company pension, paid off all my house moving debts and looked nervously but excitedly toward the future. That was in April 2016 and I’ve never really looked back, other than meeting a few old colleagues for a beer every now and then. I’ve taken a deep breath and have moved into the world of property investment (thanks Samuel Leeds) and it’s a fascinating subject for sure, with a myriad of different ways to make a good living from property. We also started up Orange Pip Properties Ltd. Did you know you can make money from property without even owning it? I’ll tell you about this in my posts, as well as my other passions.

Local Business Help

Having spent all those years working for the large chemical business, I also relished the chance to use my knowledge to help local businesses grow through effective use of search engine marketing. One service I had was providing local search audit services to businesses in my area (S. Durham). However, I soon ran into issues as I tried to work out how to grow things and take on more customers. I needed to automate the repetitive tasks such as running SEO audits, tracking rankings, identifying citations, submitting websites to local directories, and monitoring reviews. I looked around to find specialist tools to help but I couldn’t find any. Sure, there were lots of general SEO tools but none which focused on the needs of digital marketing agencies and local businesses. So I decided to shape them for myself.

Investing in Myself

In addition to this, I’m investing in myself. By this I mean I have a percentage of my income that I set aside for education (thanks to Samuel Leeds again). This might mean buying a book from Amazon, or taking a training course if I see one that I think will enhance my knowledge. I’ve recently invested in a course which shows how to become a successful afffiliate product marketer.

On my blog i’ll regularly post book reviews. These are typically to do with investing in property and passive income stuff. Please check these out because they’ll also include associated YouTube content which will enhance your experience and knowledge (as well as mine).

My Interests

Property Investment – Since retirement I’ve been building a passive income portfolio with my partner. The first million is still a long way off, but we are getting there.

Websites/Marketing – I specialise in affiliate marketing, improving web presence and footprint. If you need to supplement your income with multiple income streams, my advice is to join an authority site first, such as Wealthy Affiliate.

Meteorology – The summer of 1976 got me interested in the British climate and what it is capable of. Phew what a scorcher! Since then i’ve watched weather most days. The British obsession.

Astronomy – The Apollo Moon missions captured my imagination as a kid, so I bought a telescope and started lying on the sunbed in the garden. In Winter. Not a Trekkie though.

Sunderland AFC – My beloved football team. Been a long suffering fan since 1972, and it has been a LONG trip. It’s getting harder all the time, but my blood is Red and White.

Genealogy – Tracing my family tree since being taught the skills by my old boss in the early 1990’s. Not as lucky as Danny Dyer, but solid roots in Ireland.

SCADA and PLC – I spent 23 years developing control software for my employer. Very boring for a blog, so I’ll not be going there, but my skills are transferrable, including web stuff.

Photography – Since buying my first SLR (a Canon AV-1) in 1980 I’ve been a keen amateur photographer. Mostly landscapes and weather.

Gadgets and Tech – My other half tells me I have way too many gadgets. It’s true, of course. I’m an Apple fan boy and spend too much time on my iphone.

Classic Rock – I grew up in the 1970’s, with such hairy influencers as Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac and Lynyrd Skynyrd. I’ll never be influenced by disco, and if a guy who can’t play an instrument calls himself a musician, I’m Out! m/ m/

My Website: https://dkohara.com
Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thedkohara
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20 hours a week would be do-able
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dkohara Premium
How much money per month would you be happy earning?
£1,000 per month

How much money per month would allow you to live the ideal lifestyle?
£5,000 per month

How many hours per week are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
20 hours a week would be do-able
Carson Premium
Success starts with goals and you're that much closer to achieving them now!

Your goals will be a reality and you will come closer to achieving them with every lesson here at WA! I know that you can do it and you've got an entire community of people in your corner :)

I look forward to working with you and helping out in every way I can!

GaryHorton Premium
Hi, Dave!

Terrific goals. You can certainly do this. I gather from reading your profile you are well on your way.

The key to reaching your goals is to follow the training inside Wealthy Affiliate, ask questions, and, of course, do the work.

I look forward to helping you build an online business that earns £3,000+ per month.

I'm here for you,
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LCEndahl Premium
Hello! Welcome to WA Premium. The information available here is never ending!! And the training is Incredible!! Gobble it up!!!

Follow that training! I can not stress this enough. Do not skip around. Do the lessons in the order in which they are. As well as the tasks that follow each of those lessons.

Go at your pace. Slow and steady is my new rule. You'll find you can't wait to learn more in the following days. I did. There were a few lessons that I had to watch twice. If that's what you have to do, do it!

And soon you will have yourself an awesome website. Amazing direction, and the tools that you need to succeed in whatever it is you want to do!

You CAN do this!!

Be awesome!! Be amazing!!! And be successful!!
dkohara Premium
Thanks very much. I’m finding everything you just said is true
parmiworld Premium
Congrats on going Premium! You will learn a lot and definitely the right step towards your online journey! Much success to you and feel free to reach out if you need help! Here is an article that might help you stay focused as you get started in WA:
dkohara Premium
Thanks for that.
MikeC69 Premium
Great to see you upgraded! When I upgraded it was one of the smartest things I've done, and I'm sure you will agree!
Best of success to you!
dkohara Premium
I certainly do mate, thanks
u8876108yah Premium
You are a long-distance traveler.Rich piece of history. Admirable.I really erase the memory of 14-year-old rock..Thank you very much. I can get here.
dkohara Premium
Kyle Premium
I hope things are going well. I know you are getting rolling within the training and there is ONE thing that always tends to confuse people and that is "what is my niche?".

I know, same thing happened to me when I started.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am here if you ever want to run any niche "ideas" by me or you have any questions about finding your niche.

Get back to me when you get the chance! :)
dkohara Premium
Thanks very much Kyle, i’m well into it now.
Kyle Premium
Excellent Dave! :) I look forward to working with you and if you ever need a hand with anything going forward, please get in touch with me. Chat soon!

PS. I hope you are enjoying an amazing weekend thus far! :) Exciting times lie ahead! :)