Create an Online Presence- Why do you need it?

Last Update: August 17, 2014

Hello there fellow wealthy affiliates,

I was reading an article in Forbes magazine about how important it is to have a professional online presence and I wrote an article for my site about creating a presence. Although my website is geared towards helping artists, this subject can apply to anyone and may be important for any career, especially as we move forward into the future. You can view my article here:

and it links to the Forbes article from there.


DK. Nagano

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BreannaF Premium
getting an error to this article
Damien-P Premium
Online presence is by far the most viral presence. The internet has opened endless windows of opportunities for almost anybody if they put their mind to it.

Embrace this privilege, and grow your online presence so those opportunities are available to you.

Glad you posted this,