Why study Calculus?

Last Update: Nov 10, 2015


So far, I have created a website: needhelpcalculusproblem.com where I motivate and encourage students to excel in their calculus course. Too many students are struggling in calculus because of many reasons. Some students tell me that their professor sucks. Other students tell me that they simply cannot grasp the materials. Whatever the case, I strongly believe that students should excel in calculus because the subject is vital depending on what career they pursue.

What is calculus and why do we need to study it ? Despite the fact that a majority of students will forget the materials after the final exam, the topics discussed can be applied in engineering, biology, chemistry and of course, in applied mathematics. Some careers in Finance, Accounting and Economics will also require at least one class in calculus. A few days ago I wrote an important article entitled: "Why study calculus before attending college?" and I explained why students should take at least one class in calculus: they can encounter a situation that would involve rates of change when they least expect it. I will reiterate this here. I believe that ALL students should take at least one class in Calculus because they will encounter a situation in their life that will involve calculus when they least expect it. I agree that students find calculus hard, but there are steps they should take to excel in the subject.

For the most part, students should review materials in class DAILY. I prefer studying this subject three hours each night; for instance, students should review the notes covered in class and review one or two practice problems each day. Secondly, students should not be afraid to seek for help. I guarantee that a tutoring service exists on campus. If you are a student living in New York and you cannot find a tutor, then please reply to this blog with your full name and email and I will find you one. I am being honest right now. Every one has an equal opportunity to excel in any class. With that said, students pursuing a career in math will find tons of opportunity to work in the city (I will post links soon). Also, there is an online community here that will help students create online businesses promoting math courses and I am happy to be one of them. I hope you enjoy this guys and I wish you all the best :)


David A.

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Thanks Dkaning. This is great. Calculus is all around us. It is such an incredibly useful subject. I'm glad to know you are here. If I get stuck on a problem, I'll send you a note. :) Your website looks great! I've got your website bookmarked so that I can revisit it. How are your college studies progressing?

It's going great! Thank you so much :)

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