The Tasks of an Affiliate Marketer: How Do You Schedule it all in?

Last Update: May 16, 2017

I wrote a list of the tasks that I do as an affiliate marketer trying to earn a full time income. It is hard to fit this huge list of tasks into a week. I am in serious need of better time organization/scheduling and I need to outsource some of these tasks!

Any advice for me on how to manage all this?

  • Website maintenance
    • Updating, adding and managing plugins
    • Changing elements
      • Widgets
      • Menus, etc
  • Looking at google analytics
  • Checking and answering email
  • Sending emails for networking and/or support
    • Finding products to review
    • Getting guest posts
  • Hiring people
  • Managing people
    • Figuring out and sending article keywords and guidelines
    • Knowing what you need and communicating it effectively
  • Researching the market
    • Talking to people in our niche
    • Researching trends
    • Looking at other blogs
    • Networking with other bloggers/brands
  • Getresponse maintenance
    • Newsletter creation
    • Making opt-in forms
  • Researching and purchasing tools/plugins/subscriptions
  • Researching for and writing articles
    • Finding products to recommend
  • Writing product reviews
    • Taking product photos
  • Answering comments
  • Facebook Page
    • Posting our own content
    • Posting others content
    • Asking questions
    • Scheduling posts
    • Engaging with other pages in our niche
    • Using hashtags relevant to our niche
  • Reading, editing and publishing guest posts
  • Watching training videos or reading training material
  • Banking and accounting
  • Signing up for affiliate programs/maintaining those programs
  • Graphics
    • Finding images
    • Making graphics
    • Resizing images
  • Creating and maintaining a schedule
  • SEO
    • Adding alt tags
    • Put keywords in content in a natural way
    • Keyword research
    • Internal linking
    • External linking
  • Writing multiple headlines
  • Creating evergreen content pages
  • Reading and updating old content
  • Creating affiliate links
  • Other sites
    • Researching new niches
    • Buying domain names
    • Building new sites
    • Selling old sites
  • Video creation
    • Set up camera and record
    • Edit
    • Upload to youtube
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JustinMuelle Premium
Even you can be doing all of this and still not be making a dime yet! I know I'm not and I am working on a lot of these:)
viyee Premium
Shows how much work is involved in this business.
Marcus1978 Premium
To be honest, if you're going to be doing all that yourself, you need to face the fact that it's going to be spread out over a long period of time. Write down next to each task and sub-task how long you think it will likely take. Then plan out the next week or several weeks to do it all. There's no other way really.

But one thing's for sure, once you have your plan in place, that will take away the worry and you can just focus on one task from the list at a time.
spurway Premium Plus
I normally go on what do I like to do and I am good at, and what I don't like to do I outsource. At least that saves time for me
Cheers Sylvia
mickeyb123 Premium
A great list and even if some of these are not done by everyone, it does show that Affiliate Marketing is not for the squeamish!