CoShedule Plugin Issues

Last Update: January 25, 2017

I installed the CoSchedule plugin after I heard Jay mention it in one of the Webinars. I loved the fact that it worked to schedule your social media posts right within wordpress, no need to have to go to another site to schedule your social media messages.

After a few days of having it installed, my plugins all got shut off. I contacted support and they said that a plugin was causing a server overload so they shut all of my plugins off.

This is pretty disastrous to my website, as I use the plugin, Thrive Content Builder. When that plugin is turned off, all of my content disappears!

I am in touch with support over this issue and will update with what happens.

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MoritzS Premium
Wow, that's really bad.
Once this is solved, check out
Haven't started using it myself but it can automate your posting on social media.

Boothe Premium
Let us know what support says. In the meantime they're the best people to help you and the WA community can't really touch your website understandably