Is It Easier To Give Your Old Website A New Look Or Build A New Website?

Last Update: Mar 1, 2022

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I wanted to breathe new life in my old website. I thought doing a new Home Page wouldn't take more than an hour -- tops! Wrong!!! Three hours later I'm still toiling away. Yes, it is a labor of love . . . but good grief!!!

Have you had a similar experience? Please share your thoughts on the subject.


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We made that decision on one of our websites.
After taking a careful look we realized that age of a website does matter. So we made changes to the old site and it was better than starting a new one..

Thank you for your input. An old website needs TLC from time to time -- it's more than an old friend -- it's a big part of me and what I've learned over the years. I wish you both all the best.

Thank you for the well wishes.

I have gone through this plenty of times. lol last year around thanks giving and christmas i really wanted to quit the current and start anew because I could not understand how i created a large error on my webpage. lol like I was really close to throwing old website out the door. But others reassured me that it would be okay and to go over my mistakes carefully. May take a day or two or even a week but you will get through it. I figured out my error the same day several hours later as I was quite tenacious in figuring out what I did wrong. lol lol lol

However the short of it is this. Do not give up so easily! if you come to hard a spot. Take a break! give your mind some reprieve. write notes if you have to of what you want the website to be about. (I just got the answer to this statement a few minutes ago myslef.) Then from there brain storm , let the juices flow then type away!!!

OR Start a fresh journey!!! Which ever works best for you!

Ms. Kida

Thank you so much!! Oh my goodness!!! I kept at it . . . and finally got it together. I started this particular website in 2014. I've tweaked it every year or so, but this time I wanted a whole new look! It is quite wonderful to know what we've learned here at WA allows us to build, rebuild and revamp our websites without needing outside assistance. I wish you much success in your online endeavors.

I have recently worked on the SEO for my website with amazing results. Continue with your updates and you will be surprised at the change in traffic.

Thank you for your comment. Hopefully this facelift will boost my SEO -- I was feeling blah about my website and perhaps my visitors were as well. I wish you continued success!!

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