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Last Update: July 26, 2014

My boss of 14 years retired last month and my new boss has taken the reigns with a vengeance! It was a scary year not knowing who was going to replace my old boss, but I must say the new one has been a true blessing from heaven. I spent the better part of my fourteen years of humiliation, degrading situations, threats of termination, and generally being treated as a second class to him by seeking another way to earn money to survive. It was difficult, but by the grace of God I survived. My Lord had a better plan for me and that was my new boss. He is everything I could have ordered if I had placed an order for one. He is the total opposite of my old boss and suffered gracefully through 2 months of training with him so he felt my pain before he took the position. We are moving forward now and he has taught me plenty of tasks on the computer where my role will soon be expanding as an 'Office Administrator' in the near future. It just goes to show you that if you are persistent in your daily activities even though you don't see things getting better they will because our God has a plan for us. He has plans we can't even fathom for our good and watches our daily struggles to see how we handle them with futuristic rewards on the horizon. I am truly blessed with my job now and look forward to each day I spend with my new fantastic boss.

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divadebbie Premium
Well what I thought was a great boss turned into a 2 faced man who FIRED ME after I came back from being sick with the flu. He wouldn't even tell me why just that it was several issues and he thought it over for 3 days! Really 3 days to ruin the life of a 14-1/2 year employee! Well no one knows how to do my job and I left no instructions on anything. I feel real bitter right now, but as time progresses I will get over this and use it to make myself a better person.
Debbi26 Premium
It's tough to put in so many hrs of your day with someone who treats you poorly. Happy you made it through and the situation is better.
divadebbie Premium
Yes when someone asks me how I made it through without being disrespectful or losing my cool demeanor I tell them 'By the Grace of God' and without His help I couldn't have done it at all so I thank Him daily because now I see He had a better plan than mine all along!
apache1 Premium Plus
Hi Debbie
That is great news for you I did say little while earlier the Lord is pouring blessing upon you.

Later as the blessing continue you will improve further in getting an even better boss you have right now.

That newer boss will become you as you progress here along your pathway to online success.

Keep up the great work and continue to believe.

My saying to you:

The light is within you let the light grow strong for you are the glory of ALL THAT IS.

Take care and be well