Making comments to get credits.

Last Update: August 19, 2016

So I haven't done the comment thing as much as I perhaps should, and this is why...

It takes me time to leave a comment, because I have to look through site after site to find one that I actually can connect to enough to have something to say that's actually engaging and organic feeling. Takes me like 10 minutes to find ONE site I can connect to.

If I can't connect to the site, I click the "I'm not Interested" button"

Please, folks, if you don't connect to what I am writing, please don't leave a comment like " that was insightful and would be helpful for someone with arthritis...I did read somewhere that weed isn't as bad as alcohol"... WHAT???!!!

I shouldn't have approved such a comment, and next time I won't. The point is...if you don't have anything engaging to say to my post, that's fine...MOVE ALONG!!! Find a site that actually interests you and comment on that. It feels unfair that the time that I put in to get those two credits, meaning making two comments (which takes me time) for ONE comment that is absolutely contrived and is a waste of my time. And I wish people just would move along.

Please, if you come across a post that you do not connect to, do not be selfish - that person may have worked hard to get those credits that they are spending on your comment. Just move along, because at the end of the day, Karma will get you back one way or another and your time will be wasted too.

I'm sorry for the rant, and I hope you take me seriously - and I'm sure You know who YOU are.

Smiley face! GRRRR.

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JoshyT Premium
The comment feature is both great and bad at the same time. I have had a comment disapproved due to it being too simple, and it has made me rethink my whole approach to comment leaving. I will always try to open a line of dialogue now.

Another thing I do, if I am reading a product review, I will say something to the effect of "I've heard about "item", but I wasn't too sure until now. I think I may just give "item" a go". That in-turn helps to promote the product that is being reviewed.

Being in the "work from home" niche, it's easy to find the type of article I'm after, because I have affiliate marketing as one of my interests, and I can usually find something that peaks my interest. Additionally, I have learnt quite a lot from reading other articles in this way!

Another thing to note - I have asked for comments for my CanStock Photo review, and because others here are also looking for good photos at a reasonable price, I have made a referral that way! No commission yet, but a referral none-the-less!
Brendie Premium
I don't mind reading other sites. You might learn something new.
dismany Premium
I agree, I'm just making the point that most people don't actually show any real interest in their comments when they write 'em but just get the credit. It's fine if you read the site to learn something, that's more than fine it's great but commenting in a way that shows no interest and no real real content, that is annoying. That's why I go from site to site. Doesn't mean I don't read it, I may not have a good comment even if I read the whole thing.
Brendie Premium
True. I do understand your point.
JudeP Premium
So very true - it's easy to move onto another if you don't connect. It's unfair to leave rubbish comments just to get the credits :)
Kate48 Premium
I had a similar issue. The person didn't even read my post, just commented to earn a credit. I clicked submit request and less than 30 seconds a comment was posted. There was no way to read it that quickly and form an honest opinion about it. So disappointing. I contacted Admin and let them know I had been cheated. Sorry you had this experience.
dismany Premium
I would rather a person leave an argumentative comment calling my point B.S than this crap I'm seein