So This Happened!

Last Update: March 25, 2019

Have I mentioned I kinda like WA? I think I might have thrown the word Love around with it in the same sentance don't remember.

I like doing the comments, you know give 2 and recieve one, you know those comments.

I was even doing them so much I made a whole .50 cents. The quality of the comments are shit sometimes and I need to go in and make a couple changes here and there or at time completely reject it because the quality was so forking bad I'd be re-writing the entire comment.

I don't want to do that.

I do a lot of give and takes at times and I love those 99.9% I don't need to change a damn thing and I leave everything as is, It's quality the bad misspelled words and all and I love it.

Last night I did a little something different and I Private messaged a handful of people I've made some sort of bond with on WA. I asked for a comment on a new article and insight to my day job and my niche and how it kinda coincides with each other.

In my message I asked for a comment and stated I'd kindly return the favor as well.

Every person I send a message to responded and and the majority didn't even ask for a return for me to comment. I will be commenting on everyone's page whether they asked for it or not, because once again I am grateful to have these people in this inner circle of WA (family).

I made a decision that I thought might back fire on me and in fact did more than what I thought it would ever do.

Again if you are new and not signed up, I suggest you do. I don't usually promote WA like this on this level and of course I will not make anything for you signing up, you just need to for the support of the kind of community we have here makes it all worth it.


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FKelso Premium Plus
Our community supports us, so it doesn't hurt to support them when we get the chance.

Comments are good, and may I remind you that Google likes to see comments on our websites.
jillxyz Premium
I like! Cheers AJ