How Is That Possible!

Last Update: October 01, 2015

My post and website, is not ranked even close to the first page! But my post shared on Google+ , the same post is on second position on the first page. How is that even possible!

Someone can explain it? Thnak you family!

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Mark Tait Premium
Hi - if I share a post on G+ - I usually see it ranked straight away (the G+ post that is, not the actual post on my website) - so they seem to favour themselves, which is perfectly understandable.

It's not a bad thing, as it will show for others searching.

Some people write off G+, but I quite like it still. There's no "boost your post" to reach your circles yet, which I like - and tied with all the other google apps, I'm a fan actually.

All the best, Mark
RonAlderman Premium
Hi Diego, Google search and Google + are ranked differently. I can tell you that according to training and other members posts, Google + and activity there will improve your google search rankings. Hope this helps.
DiegoST Premium
Ok, So I need to spend more time on Google+ to improve my ranking s. Yes it make sense!

Thank you Ron!