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July 12, 2016
How often do we go through our lives not being fully present? I know I do it many things to do and so little time. We are always in a rush, and can never seem to get everything done. Our minds continually my RYT (yoga teacher training) we always called that 'The Monkey Mind'.The human mind is filled with crazy monkeys, jumping around, screeching, chattering, carrying on endlessly. We all have monkey minds, with dozens of monkeys all clamoring for attention. Fear is an
July 08, 2016
I always like to start off my day by reading something positive! That brings my mood up for the rest of the day. :-) That way I am ready to spread happiness and hope to others each day with a smile to someone having a rough day, a gentle voice when someone needs a little bit of support, or even a kind word or hug to make someone feel a little better. It's the smallest little things that can give someone the most benefit!Have a fabulous and joyful weekend, friends!
July 06, 2016
I think this is an amazing reminder that is great for everyone! Keep in mind, we can't buy our happiness. It doesn't work! Happiness is an experience that starts from within... So....Be positive, mindful and present in your life, and then you can create your own happiness! :-)Sending Light and Love to Everyone ~
Happy 4th of July to everyone here in the USA! It is a fun day for cookouts, going to the beach, and watching or displaying fireworks. But for our dogs, this can be the scariest evening of the year! Please consider keeping your pets indoors during this time. While fireworks are fun for humans, the loud, unexpected sounds of fireworks cause stress and anxiety for many dogs. Here are some important things to know about why your dog gets anxious and what you can do to help.1. It’s normal if
July 02, 2016
I finally did it!! I have over 1000 followers here at WA!! WooHoo! Now I know it is not 20,000 or anything extravagant, but it is 1000!! And I am ecstatic and excited to keep climbing to the top! I am doing the Happy Dance!!And.....Jumping for Joy!!Thank you everyone for the following and for being great friends!Let's keep climbing together! Enjoy your weekend :-)
For over 30 years I owned and operated my own dance studio business. The rewards and satisfaction from teaching were wonderful! In fact, after all these years, I am still friends with many of my former students, some of which are now bringing their children to the dance studio for classes. But there is another side to the business and that is ALL the stuff that everyone wants you to do. Can you perform for this event, or can you choreograph 2 musicals this year plus choreograph an entire 'Requi
June 27, 2016
SMILE!! Have you ever noticed how easily puppies make human friends? Yet all they do is wag their tails and fall over. ~Walter Anderson, The Confidence Course, 1997It's the beginning of another beautiful week! Maybe it is the beginning of a new life change, a new job or a new home. Maybe you are welcoming a new baby, a new friend, or even welcoming in a new and brighter day! Maybe you are even celebrating your success here at WA! SMILE and everything will feel a little brighter, don't you agree
Are you ready for this........The fastest way to transform your life is through….movement..Did you hear that? It's true and I'll say it again......The fastest way to transform your life is through movement.And I should know. It’s been the basis for every positive experience and direction that my life has gone. If it weren’t for dance and movement I don’t know where I would be today. Exercise can save your life. If anxiety or depression are holding you back in life, then
Recently I had surgery on the finger of my right hand. I am right handed, so it was a little awkward to txt, blog or do anything that required the use of my right hand. What the experience did do was bring me back to life! I went outside and enjoyed sitting on my swing and reading a book......a REAL paper book!! I went outside and played with my dogs and went for walks on the beach. I sat down with my husband and had an actual conversation which was NOT work related. Two days ago, the stitches
June 23, 2016
Take a moment or more out of the day to smile, make a nice comment or gesture to someone. Take a few minutes to talk with a total stranger. Do unto others as you would like for yourself is a great motto to live by. Try to be cordial and helpful instead of angry and hurtful to others. Give positive affirmations, and SMILE at everyone you see. That smile could make someone's day ever so special!Be encouraging and be a good friend. Inspire others to excel and do their best. Share your motivation w