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Last Update: June 05, 2018

This is a big step for me taking the Premium it like a new chapter on my journey. I have goals to get started and with the help of Wealthy Affiliates I am very thankful of all my encouragement, lot of training. I know I am not where I should be only a lot of prayers to get me to be able to have the full time in my online business of success.

My goals are dedication which is very important to me, loyality, great expectation, willingness, hard work and just whatever comes natural. However, I really want to enjoy political, social and economic freedom and opportunity to learn and prosper.


I am single, was married at age of 20, had no children, not by choice..lived in Columbus, Indiana for 18 years. Then after marriage broke up moved to Dallas/Fort Worth Texas. I lived there for another 10 years, still no husband or kids. I worked with an agency for Comfort Keepers helping the elderly and young disabilities part time. I had a full time job with Sprint call center. That lasted about two years and few months. Was because of the 9-11. However, the company walked 1500 employees out that day, all the state of Texas was like on a shout down jobs were frozren..I didn't have a income so I decided to come back to Indiana where there was plenty of work. On my 3rd day back in my hometown, I worked at a Hotel as a Assistance Manager. It was fun, I only knew that was just the begining. I was looking for something more advance.

To say the least I went back to Medical field to take up Phlebotomony, as well as Medical Assistance with Certification.


I have started looking for work online, like HomeBase Business, I received a lot of mail and emails and letters, people do work one buy leading into scams and pay out so much money to come with thiir ideal. Well I had been messed over so many times paid outa lot of dollars, that I stopped answering any mail or letters whatever. I don't even know whom or how I was led to this company of Wealthy Affiliate, all I remember is getting this email on my gmail account, asking me to look at his video and see how I could make $1,000 - $3,000 - $4,000 etc...

It did make me keep reading, because I was so interested on how he talked about so much training and leading me to the 16 step by step. Madd it sound rewarding. I could not sleep that night because I felt like this must be the answer I been hoping or praying about. I just thought this was for me.

I would like to make as much as I can to be debt free, free to live of a good life not that my life is not good, but want it to be better. Withe help that WA has to offer I am most grateful to get in gear put on my best foot forward in gear to go go go!!!!



I hope to retire from my job that I have by the end of December 2018..I want to be on the best WA that made me successful..

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JMankanda Premium
You are well on your way Diane. All the very best with every effort you are making
DianeCarter3 Premium
Hello, thank you for your compliment.best wishes.!
SCash Premium
Hello and congratulations on your journey Diane.
DianeCarter3 Premium
Hi, thank you so much..!!