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"WOW" I can''t believe I came this far..! I got my Certificate Badge! This will make me to continue focus on what I join here at WA to be the best I can be, and much more. Always take a step higher and learn, listen, and keep leading others..! "Whooo so exciited. " Thank you all that help me through this long task, still have much to grasp and I will.
June 05, 2018
This is a big step for me taking the Premium it like a new chapter on my journey. I have goals to get started and with the help of Wealthy Affiliates I am very thankful of all my encouragement, lot of training. I know I am not where I should be only a lot of prayers to get me to be able to have the full time in my online business of success.My goals are dedication which is very important to me, loyality, great expectation, willingness, hard work and just whatever comes natural. However, I rea
June 04, 2018
My name is Diane and I came from a big family, although I grew up all around the United States of America. My father was an Army Sargent. I loved my childhood days of moving every 2 years. Had a chance to see many places and cities among lot of interesting people. Met a lot a different types shapes or form of people. Learn how to speak other languages while living on the military bases. My mother had 9 children and 1 older brother died before I was born. That makes me the 3rd child and the 1st