WA ranking problem,

Last Update: Apr 30, 2016


I believe that it is the second time in two months when the ranking system within Wa is not working. Is there anyone else that has the same problem as me?

Thank you for sharing.

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I think it is a process that needs to be manually run. Somebody is off on the weekend. It can't be automated because they mess it up too often.

Thank you.

This has happened before. It is the weekend and the computers are on holiday, I guess ;-) We should see the numbers change soon. Have a great weekend!

Thank you. Have a great weekend too.

Yes, I noticed that in the weekend. .Just be patient, the numbers will go lower soon..Enjoy the day, smile and be creative!

Thank you.

Yes, it is the weekend and even computers need a break. So why aren't we taking a break? I'm trying to play catch up on these emails. I only have 254 left in my inbox and 147 in my spam which is mainly WA. Phew.

You are right. I have another 300 e-mails also and as I was unable to blog last week I will have to do it this weekend. Thank you.

Its has to be the saturday bluuuuuues!!!!. Mine did not change either

I think it takes Saturdays off, like we should!!!!

I like saturday bluuuuuues.

My ranking remains the same for the past few days .


Mine went down 1 point yesterday but hasn't changed today. I have been more active today than usual. I don't think it's working.

yup, it hasn't changes at all today!!!Seems like every Saturday this happens.

Is good to know. Thank you.

I have been away for a couple of weeks and my rank went from 250 to 420. It's now down to 400. Is this due to the problem you mention?


Being away two weeks will effect your rank.

So my change in rank is due to the absence rather than any other reason. Thank you for the update.


It seems to be a weekend thing.

Mine updated yesterday but hasn't done today so far :)

Thank you Jude.

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