Top 100 WOW

Last Update: May 10, 2016


After a lousy day yesterday and after having received so much support from you, my dearest, now this great news: Top 100 and Active Contributor. I believe that this is good, maybe even great, and all thanks to you.

Todays' quote was "Eventually all things fall into place."

Today I will take some time for myself. During the weekend, I had all my time dedicated to WA demands, e-mails s.o. And I do love to help as many of you as possible and respond to your posts because I do care for you from all my heart.

But I found disappointing the attitude of one particular person regarding a difference in opinion. I found her unnecessarily harsh. Also, I was unpleasantly surprised that some people will not even give you a like for your help, time or opinion.

So for a moment there I wanted to remind myself that these are only accidents and that the heart of the WA community it is not represented by these exceptions. That it makes sense to continue to help and contribute as much I can because my effort speaks about who I am, and the exceptions shouldn't change this.



Recent Comments


Well done, I am happy for you.


Thank you.

Well done Diana - you must have worked really hard as you joined after me. I should be in the top 200 soon though currently 217

Thank you and I am sure that you will soon be in Top 200.

It's creeping down at the moment - been busy offline til now, although still for my business.

Congratulations on a great accomplishment!

Thank you. This is thankful to all of you.

Hi Diana getting into the top 100 in a little over two months is an achievement. Keep the good work up!

Thank you.

Brilliant Diana, and don't let the ruder element get to you, the vast majority of people here are more than grateful for any help!! :)

Thank you, Chrissie.


Diana - You summed up what we should all have as our life philosophy! Nicely Done #97! Congratulations ! Steve

Thank you, Steve.

Hello Diana - it was your hard work that made the top 100 - so congratulate yourself.

Thank you. I am grateful for your support.

Congratulations! Great job!

Thank you.

Hey Diana welcome to the top 100 and don't let the actions of the odd one put you off - on the whole this is a great community :)

Thank you, Jude. It is a great community indeed.

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