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Canva VideoCava now offers video editing and creation tools on their free version and paid versions.Their statement below sums up what they have decided to do.“One of Canva’s guiding principles is to make complex things simple, and our new Video Suite will allow everyone to unlock the power of video, whether that’s to market their business, make engaging social posts, or express their creativity,” said Rob Kawalsky, Head of Product at Canva.Canva is known and loved by ma
May 18, 2021
Hi, all ahrefs is currently offering free signup for people, to check their websites.Anyone who watches Jay's Friday evening webinars has seen Jay use ahrefs numerous times.You can do the following on their site.(Excerpt from Search Engine Journal email) where I saw this offer.The link to join is hereI do not have any affiliation with them (other than I have signed up today to check my sites).Alex
March 17, 2021
I have been asked to provide a link to track sales that may be generated by a customer's children through their social media posts.Does anyone know the best way to do this?I was thinking of creating a landing page and then following any potential purchase after that using analytics.But I am wondering if someone here knows of a better way?After some research - it looks like I may need to add an affiliate plug-in to my site, so I am looking at that.
Generate Press is having a Black Friday week, and they are almost done. I received an email today reminding me, so I thought I would pass it along.If you extend you license they are offering 45% off the regulat extension fee. I took advantage of this last year and have decided to do it again this year. I am now covered until June of 2022.If you were thinking about trying Generate Press now might be the time to go for it.I do find GP to be a great theme that works for me. It might not be for eve
An easy to exploit vulnerability in a popular WordPress plugin has been found.This article came across my screen early this morning. I anyone here is using File Manager I urge you to check out your site. You can read the full article here:zdnetI am certain that Site Support and the WA team are well aware of this attack, but It never hurts to share information about potential problems that we face with our websites.A fix has been developed and released by the file manage team, and I urge anyone
Today I see a message from Site Health about WP on my Dashboard. Critical IssuesThe image looks like this :I have not seen this before so I click and check into it. I have the following screen:Checking the dropdown menu gives me the following:Wow, I am concerned this must be important - right?I need to change the WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE, false , setting to true to fix this problemSo, I start checking online and I find out that in order to change the WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE setting I need to go into the
April 02, 2020
Calculating the correct tax to be paid on WoocommerceIt should not have been this hard. Though perhaps I am my own worst enemy, but here is the story.The ProblemI had set up Woocommerce to include tax in the price for my products. I do this as the majority of sales are here in Thailand and I have to pay 7% GST to the government.The IssueSo every time I opened up Chrome and went to my website the prices are listed as whole numbers and the tax is in the selling price. All good, right.Well it turn
We are not readyBill Gates - TED talkI saw this recently and it is surprising that as far back as 2015 Bill Gates was saying that we were not prepared for a pandemic. Nobody listened. Thanks to Kyle for showing it to me.To be fair we are still not listening, though I suspect the numbers that are being shown today in countries around the world is forcing more and more people to sit up and take notice.Everywhere this morning people are recognizing that we need to do more to stem the tide.The last
December 28, 2019
Update required keep getting asked to update my php for my website, but especially for WooCommerce. This latest message came just a few days ago.This message appears constantly on my Dashboard and every once in a while will go away, but soon re-appears.I know WP is constantly updating and WA is constantly updating, but this seems ridiculous in its frequency.Word Press is saying my version of php is insecure.I can only assume that others here in WA are receiving the same messages about updating
December 26, 2019
I made a sale!. I mean, I actually made a sale. This is fantastic. December 26, 2019 at about 3 in the afternoon, somebody placed and order on my online store.I know it is supposed to be possible here and we all expect to make sales and earn income (otherwise why join and continue to pay for WA). But, the reality is different from expectation.I have set up a couple of websites and not really followed through with the training and while they are still active, they require work. I will get to the