Two Minute Productivity Check

Last Update: January 12, 2015

          We all have our goals and tasks "To do" lists that we use to maintain our progress. But how do we prioritize those lists to be productive and achieve our goals in the long term?

          Here is a simple list that will keep you productive. Take all your tasks and goals for the day/week/month and determine which of the following four categories they fall into.

          1. Important and Urgent
          2. Important and Non-Urgent
          3. Non-Important and Urgent
          4. Non-Important and Non-Urgent

          Now ask yourself which of the above categories is the most important to long term productivity. Most people say it is number 1. But that is not true. You will always have urgent things to do that come up and take up your time.

          Number 4 is the stuff that you just never do. The time wasters.

          But the most important category for long term productivity is number 2. This is where you write that e-book or design a landing page, etc.

          Make sure you make time in your day for No. 2. There will be those days when No. 1 consumes all your time and energy, but if you still stay up a little later and put in some time for No. 2 you will be amazed at how much faster and productive you will be in getting to your goals.

          Hope this simple tip helps you stay on track.


          What you do today

          IS important

          Because you are exchanging

          A day of your life for it

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Brez Premium
Love your closing statement.
Larry MaC Premium
Good Ideas and advice.
JustFaith Premium
Nice write up. The ability to prioritize is an essential element in time management.
gohealthy Premium
Thanks Doug for your useful and important tip.
Have a great day. :)
TheOldSilly Premium
I like this, and agree. Especially like the last statement/admonition.