Learning Through Repetition

Last Update: January 14, 2017

After a hiatus from wealthy affiliate for several months, I have returned with more focus. I created a new website for which I have lots of enthusiasm for and for which I believe has more potential to generate income.

I have now gone through the Level 1 and Level 2 certification courses for a second time. I learned even more this time through. I learn best through repetition. The second time around I saw things from a differnt perspective than I did the first time through. I would encourage my fellow wealthy affiliate members to try this. Go back and review courses that you already completed. I tend to listen to self help audiobooks in my car three to 5 times so that I can really incoporate the ideas in to my life. Any new skill takes practice, practice, and practice.

Pearl of Wisdom: Practice, Practice, Practice. Refine your skills daily. Strive to be a different and better person each and every day.

Have a wonderful day!

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Powerhousevi Premium
Great message. I tend to use this time of year to blog, and speak about resolutions. I don't like New Year resolutions because they often aren't 'New.' but rather a rehashed version of what someone resolved to be resolute about a year prior, and the year prior to that, et al. Resolutions are for procrastinators!
It is in our resolve to be in the race intent on finishing that is critical. One step taken makes the finish line more vivid and all subsequent steps lead to an everchanging goal, &/or finish line.
A habit I have is to reread at least 5 of the most powerful, impacting books from the previous year. Not unlike you listening in the car enough to make the words your own.
Godspeed to you and continued growth and success in your newly new business venture. I hope we can make a difference together via WA and the model of paying-it-forward until it all comes back with the momentum it gains. Be Well, Be Safe, & Be YOU!
BPayne1 Premium
thanks for the encouragement to keep on learning
Dfoxmd1215 Premium
Your welcome. David
MKearns Premium
Every time there's greater retention!
Dfoxmd1215 Premium
Very true. The second time around sometimes you see things you did not the first time around. David