Week 2 at Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: November 12, 2020

So much to learn....and do!

So I don't find it odd that I still have not picked my particular niche. I have a few generic ideas but I'm still sorting it all out. I have completed a lot of training and this has helped me refine my niche. I dod not want to jump in without a direction to then have to start all over again. The "good plan now is better than a great plan later" analogy does not work for me. The 5 P's makes more sense - "Proper Planning Provents Poor Performance".

Many Questions....

Many of which have been answered....

  • How much is to much? In regards to words in a post
  • Do I create several websites instead of one with several topics of my niche?
  • How do you create product lists?
  • When should I do a blog instead of a post?

Just to name a few.

And Finally....

EVERYONE has been great! So much encouragement and the networking possiblities are endless.

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Johnpavich Premium
Good that your taking your time with a niche and I like the 5 p's pick something you like and you will be ok!
RoseLee2020 Premium
It also took me a while before I could pick a niche. I agree with your 5 P's. Seems to be a sound guideline not to rush into things and waste time and energy at the end.

Best Wishes,
Newme202 Premium
I know that all the information gathered so far on the training may seem bit overwhelming. It is okay for you to take a step back, take a deep breath before you carry on . You can take things ar your own pace, it will be okay. I just want you to remember that this journey of you building your online business IS not a sprint but a lovely marathon.