Have Heart, If you Build it.They Will Come!

Last Update: March 20, 2020

I'm crying of happiness . . .

I know it's not much but it's something that I prayed for. $200 in my first week of having my website open and none of that was through services! All of it was email / affiliate marketing and answering peoples questions.

My email list is 15 people strong... and growing daily. I was intimidated when applying to some affiliate programs and their base starting point was to have a list of minimum 10,000.... That really made the task seem impossible. To be rejected before I even finished filling out the applications.

I fought with myself and thought "What is the point? Why are you even doing this when the world is this way?" The point was to help other people! I was on a mission to never be dependent on anyone but myself. And not only that but to be doing well enough that I could be in a place to give. I'm so glad I don't let anybody tell me "no". Not even myself. And just when I wanted to give up... I had my first "sale" and my first $100 day all at once... I couldn't belive my eyes when I saw the dashboard. After 4 days of launching my website I've earned $200 in affiliate comissions.

I pray you all are pushing through this. Go beyond doubt you have to believe in yourself. My true aim has always been to uplift and empower!

If you build it, they will come!

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Pretty AWESOME, Adessa!
JohaneG Premium
Good work. Keep it up.
Stanleycmng Premium
Great earnings. Congratulations!
nikkifroese Premium
Congrats on the big win! If I may ask, how did you set this up? Do you send reoccurring emails? And I was also curious what your niche was? Id love to have a look at your website! Leave a link!
(Also I followed you!)
Thanks for sharing,
DessaTron999 Premium
Thank you, I can't really say the niche as it's a combination of many that falls into the category of making money online and start up business. I set out to teach others what I had learned by answering the question "What do I know now, that I wish somebody would have told me when I first began?"

So I chose to address the beginners and I was led by my own curiosity. It has taken me a little over a whole month to build my website and I've gone through several moves across state in the process. www.thebusinessbunny.com
nikkifroese Premium
Great work!