Branded! Recognize this iconic character?

Last Update: Jun 3, 2019

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Do you recognize this iconic charater? If you watched t.v. in the sixties or read the cartoons in the newspaper much earlier than that, you know who she is.

Desiree Addams is a character I created back in 2004, for my novels, and many people online and even my family and friends know me as her and I don't mind at all. I will answer to that name. It's not the name on my birth certificate, but she is a part of me and I am a part of her.

I'm well branded as a vampire and no I do not do the things vampires do, They're just fun story fodder for me. And no, I don't believe in them.

I loved Bela Lugosi, ohhh that accent...1931 Dracula the welcome scene

and Christopher Lee, and let's not forget Barnabas Collins! I could go on, but I won't. :)

Vampires have been in my blood, so-to-speak since I was a child. Even my FB profile screams vampire. It's all in good fun! I have almost 5,000 "friends" LOL.

I have yet another dilemma on my hands.I've been well branded over the years and it was by accident. I wasn't trying to brand myself, I just put my personality out there and look what happened!

When my mind gets rolling, the ideas don't stop. It's a double-edged sword. I love it and I hate it.

So what do I do with it?

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Well I wish I was branded a vampire! Maybe now I'm thought as a crazy clown or sth (don't really know don't talk to flamers who can't run their mouths!).
I'm not the one to give advice but you can write down the thoughts when you are on "rampage" and later when you cool down, your sort them out!

It's quite fun and I did it by accident. It took me a while to realize that's what had happened. It's been fun for sure. Now to make it into a viable business. That shouldn't be too hard considering I've been known as one most of my life and I've written about and read about them a lot over the years. V--V

Write posts with it.

That will be easy to do for sure. I know a lot about these mythical creatures.

Not sure what advice I can share? I thought you were into cats ?!! Sounds like your into a few things. Hope you find your feet with your niche . Best of luck

Love cats too. :)

I think you should continue your writing in this genre. It seems to be very popular. Good luck.


Chanel Fashion is a brand for vampires!
ahaha ah anyway in my search I find lots of products for Vampires culture to sell to follower us such and also into Fairies!

so I believe that's a great venue for a Niche
plus you have 5000 followers at facebook! wow!
if only can turn a thousand to follow your website about Vampires blog and products you are in for a nice future!

anyway I can see the Vampire in you now that you mentioned

have a good day and thank you for this post


Thank you. I appreciate the info and thoughtful reply!

You are welcome
and have a good day


A positive spin, is that many will spend an inordinate amount of time and possibly money trying to create a 'brand'. You have one. You now have a much better set of questions to look at, in so much as, how can you take advantage of it ?

I've been thinking about it all day. :)

It all starts with Keywords. .

Each post starts with a keyword. Build each page around a well researched keyword and keep going. That's the simplicity of this business.

That I will do. Gotta come up with a name for the site.

Super Post.

This is a niche that will never die!

I've never seen or read The Vampire Diaries. I have a T.V. but I don't watch it.

I write in a sub-niche of this genre, seriously fun, but not everyone's taste. Not gory, not bloody, but bloody good fun, if you're so inclined.

Vampires love you forever! :)

If you are in a vampire niche, or you want to present your niche in character, roll with it and leverage your followers as your new audience. Post links and updates to your website, collect email addresses and have fun!

Thanks. I must re-create my website here. Oh dear!

My freaking brain does this to me...What about this? What about that?

I love my creative brain but sometimes it wears me out!

Not necissarily - Have you already been writing in-character?

Well yes and no. She is a lot like me and vise versa. But she is a bit bolder than I am and more outgoing. We share a lot of the same likes and dislikes. :)

Then you could simply add a vamp-esque layer to your marketing. Extra social media posts at a regular intervals (eg daily or weekly) with Desiree's top thought or recommendation. Special weekly vampire newsletter. Things like that can be a creative outlet and a fun way to sell!

Thanks, great ideas! I haven't written a newsletter in years. Need to brush up on that one.

That it will be creative and fun and I'm all up for that!

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