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Hi my WA followers, I just wanted to write a quick blog on how my kids summer is over and they have gone back to school today. I spent the most beautiful two months with all three of them....ever. Its the first time in my parent life that I have been home for the summer, so I decided to concentrate all my efforts and do everything with them. I can not even put in words how incredible it felt. It made me realize what really is important in our lives. Anyway, this means that I can dedicate lo
YES, I am having the summer of my life! When I first became a member in early June I went hard and got my first website started because kids were in school. Since all three kids have been home since early July they just don't let me sit on the computer and focus on my studies here at WA. But the most important thing is that I am very happy now and enjoying every minute of the summer with them. My life is getting back on track and I have healed mentally, emotionally and phys
I got to the 100 follower mark today! I'm very happy about it and want to thank all the WAers for making it possible. August goal is to double it to 200. Now I just need to get my 1st website up and running by the end of the month. I am very happy to be learning so much here and so happy to be part or this community. Thanks, DES