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Last Update: July 07, 2020

Hi WA'rriors and WA'rriorettes

I'll make this a quick a one

If you are wondering just how awesome WA is or people getting tagged to their initial referrer - the real benefit of lifetime cookies and, as I noticed those that create a starter account - pegged to their referring affiliate to the end of time!.

The omni presence of WA is such that eventually your starter referrals will see a lot of chitter chatter, great reviews and positive talk else where online via other channels like facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, forums and despite them forgetting they already had an account click on over - find they already have one (which maybe they have already long forgotten about!)

Perhaps like this new member, who, 62 days later decided to go premium. So however this new member found, or re-found our great community , I own you guys one!. Thanks!.

(Of course, the member could have rediscovered WA directly from my site, but I like to think it was down to you guys and gals so thanks!.)

62 days later going premium! Awesome!.

Note: Stats guy Mike - does that screw with a my conversion rate for May, uggh do I detract from July's conversion rate...haha

It's first time I have seen anything like that - what was the longest period you have seen a starter member taking to go premium?


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Hraybal Premium
Hi Derek,

Just goes to show that the potential for one of your starter member to upgrade is still there, even if they don't take action immediately.

It's also of course an example of how awesome the WA referral program can be.

Thanks for sharing this encouraging post.


I love this Derek, combined messages all coming together and of course many new members will have a tendency to see lots of examples before they commit so that fits with this profile.

They will be at the far end of the curve but could make their decision even a year later based on experience. It's called their "convincer profile" so they seem to demonstrate that the period of time is more important than the number of examples it appears.

The 4 criteria seem to be spread out in the following way as a population in the context of work anyway and this includes buying :

Number of examples 52% ( for some it's a few most people are middle ground)
Automatic ( decide straight away ) 8%
Consistent ( always want to be convinced) 15%
Over a period of time 25%

Combine them all together and it is a powerful marketing mix! Your comment prompted my brain on this :) Your conversion will have a strong period of time combined with the number of examples I expect.

Thanks for sharing...

( and before anyone says all profiles are natural there is no right or wrong!)
DerekMarshal Premium
That is outstanding! Thanks Phil,

It really explains a lot why conversion rates tend to go up over time (even with Amazon 24 hr cookie).

My own theory with a niche site converting at 8.5% first years and 17.75% year 2 while doing nothing different was that better rankings were leading to better conversions.

- You know pogo sticking and checking out to see what the highest ranked review was saying and then buying. I was probably still converting at 8.5% for my niche site from my own traffic but getting a lot of instant buys from pogo stickers.

*Pogo Stick - those that hit the back button to go back to the SERPS, in my example above to check out the highest ranked reviews.

Thank you so much for sharing that. Appreciated.
GazBower Premium
Nice to know Derek.
As the Internet way of replacing an income gathers pace, WA will get more and more exposure and if you are the one that originally brought the person to the site, result.
Congratulations on the premium member.

Best wishes and stay safe.
DerekMarshal Premium
Thanks Gazm it is great knowing all those starter referrals are stuck to us forever!.
FKelso Premium
Ya never know what motivates some people to do what they do. Good he went premium.
DerekMarshal Premium
He or she, I was very surprised and had to take a closer look to make sure it did n't say July 6th.
Dorrie1 Premium
Nice and congratulations
DerekMarshal Premium