My Progress with WA so far

Last Update: November 19, 2017

First of all, I have to be honest in saying that I haven't been that active in the community for the last week and a half due to working lots of hours at my job. I do hope in time that I will be able to replace my job through WA, and the investing I am doing with cryptocurrency, which I think is going to be the future replacement for fiat (printed) currency. So far I have made three sites on Wealthy Affiliate, my first is which I have worked on quite a bit and have built some good quality content, although I have not joined any affiliate sites to monetize the site. My other site is which relates to but is more focused on plus size women runners, so that will be a future project. For now my focus is on my one site and For I have quite a bit of content and I have many referral links on the website, and the goal of that website is to get others to signup for Bitconnect, and starting making some money by lending cryptocurrency. The journey for the user starts with signing up at a coin exchange like Coinbase to buy some Bitcoin, then clicking on my referral links to signup for Bitconnect, and when they signup I can a small percentage for referring them to Bitconnect, where I am actively investing my own earned income. I'm proud of the sites I was able to create so far and how they are progressing. In time I think the money will start to flow in, it is an exciting adventure! Over the next 3 Months I plan on adding more content to, at least one post per week, and for I plan on adding one post per week, and I hope to have monetized so that visitors will be able to buy items that I am relating to by clicking on affiliate links on my website. In 6 Months from now I hope to be getting some people signing up through my referral links on Also, I would like to start making even $100/Month in 6 Months time with As for this site will not get very much attention at all, but I don't think I wasted money purchasing this domain because I will get to building it up sometime late 2018.

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Marlinda1 Premium
Awesome! Keep up the good work and your efforts will certainly pay off! :)