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November 19, 2017
First of all, I have to be honest in saying that I haven't been that active in the community for the last week and a half due to working lots of hours at my job. I do hope in time that I will be able to replace my job through WA, and the investing I am doing with cryptocurrency, which I think is going to be the future replacement for fiat (printed) currency. So far I have made three sites on Wealthy Affiliate, my first is which I have worked on quite a bit and have built
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Feeling a sense of achievement, and gratitude for having such a good community here at WA that sincerely cares about my development. I've created the start of a great site in and have a bunch of keywords I can use in Level 2 of the WA Course training! I hope that other members of WA have a sense of accomplishment too once they get done with Level 1.
I'm looking forward to being apart of the Wealthy Affiliates community.
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