What am I like.

Last Update: March 15, 2016

Hi all.

It is said that there's no fool like an old one... I should know. I've just wasted an entire day by allowing myself to become side tracked and worrying my balding - read bald! - head about things that are, at least at this stage of my training, WAY WAY beyond my comprehension.

No posts, no lessons... I read briefly that Kyles next lessons video was about Amazon affiliation, and veered off on a tangent by Googling 'WP Themes specifically designed for Amazon', and then, after asking a question, was reliably informed that they're mostly rubbish.

Upsgirl - or Angel as I call her - kindly sent me a video download of a free WP Theme... I watched the first of the training videos, and didn't have a bloody clue about half of what the guy was talking about!

I'm bearing my soul here, not only to give myself a kick up the watsit, but more importantly as a warning to any other members who may be 'tarred with the same brush' of attempting to run, before they can walk. Those of you guilty of such time wasting... consider yourself duly kicked.

My 16th of March resolution is to post at least one correctly key-worded, informative, relevant and helpful post EVERY day - with suitable graphics of course - and to stop faffing about with things that don't concern me.

I suggest, with respect, that you ALL do the same.

Cheers... onwards and upwards.

Regards and Peace :)

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Adrianp257 Premium
I too am a victim of my own hand I want so much for my blog to be successful but I hate to read and study and I know I stand in contradiction so I will do as you have done slow down and crawl. Thanks
mckm Premium
Don't be too hard on yourself, Derek. We all get distracted at some time. We all try to take leaps instead of strong, steady steps. I'm no exception. You fell off the metaphoric horse but you've done the right thing: you got back on it straight away.
Derek101 Premium
Thank you Margaret :)