We're getting there. slowly.

Last Update: February 23, 2016

My wife and I are staying nights at our daughters house whilst the new flat is decorated and modernised... there's no internet access there as yet, so little has been done to my site for days unfortunately

But, I'm really chuffed that I've spent the few hours that I have available of an evening, replying to newbies, encouraging them and trying to help out if I can. I've really got the hang of this "keyword-stuff"... something in my brain clicked last week and long tailed keywords - low hanging fruit as Kyle so very succinctly refers to them - seem to spring out of nowhere. Eureka moments I call them... Archimedes, eat your heart out.

I cherish the day when I know enough technical stuff to help anyone and everyone out... but for the moment, I take great pleasure in doing what I can, especially those who have a bit of trouble with their grammar and syntax.

Giving something back to you guys is the least I can do to repay the help and encouragement that I personally have received in the short while of being a member of WA.

(Psst... I did ask Kyle to have a quick butchers - that's "look" to our American friends lol - at my website last night; as yet he hasn't responded but, I know the guy's very busy, so, if by chance you're reading this Kyle... you're forgiven :) )

Onwards and upwards as I say... tomorrow, it's rubbing down woodwork and papering ceilings. Oh joy.

See yah :)

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Derek101 Premium
Cheers Feelix... Kyle DID get back to me last night after all.
I like custard with my humble pie L0L !! :)
felixwebman Premium
It's really cool to be able to take time to reflect and at the same time to prepare for the near future. I wish you the very best and congratulations on the new house!