Phew, I'm exhausted lol !

Last Update: March 12, 2016

Hi to you all. I'm usually a very positive person... I learn from my mistakes and endeavour to take everything that life throws at me with a grin whilst bearing in mind that out of everything negative, springs positivity.

I must admit though, that the last couple of weeks have been pretty grim; firstly moving house, with all that it entails, plus, due to no fault of my own, being without internet access for nearly a fortnight has resulted in me getting behind with building my site... then to cap it all, I've got the dreaded flue bug that seems to be going the rounds - in the UK anyway.

So, later than planned, I've reached the end of Course 2 and, despite feeling like a wet floor cloth, have patted myself on the back for my achievements thus far.

If things go according to plan, within a few months I expect my site to have climbed steadily in Googles' rankings, and my WA Rank to be in double figures. Six months down the line? Who knows... with luck I'll be in a stronger position to give help and assistance to anyone struggling; at this moment in time, I devote an hour a day answering any queries that I'm able to, and welcoming as many new comers as I can with motivation and encouragement.

Thank you to everyone who have answered MY questions when I've been confused or unsure about aspects of creating a web site, and for the encouragement and inspiration thus gained from your input.

Onwards and upwards is the cry... as I stated in my first post on WA, "If others can achieve success, then so bloody well can I".

Peace, respect, love and regards to you all.

Derek :)

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VicC Premium
Yes you can, believe in yourself! :D
Derek101 Premium
Cheers Vic... I feel a whole lot better today thank goodness. Still blowing my streaming nose every five minutes unfortunately, but still hanging in there :)
VicC Premium
The only way to cure cold is take the medicine, and sleep as much as you can! trust me, the next day, you will feel like a brand new you!
Take care! :)
Derek101 Premium
I'm drowning in Night AND Day Nurse - the wife says it's a shame they don't do a Psychiatric Nurse lol. She shows little sympathy and appears to take pleasure in reminding me repeatedly that it's my own fault for not going to the quacks for the flue jab. I wake feeling reasonably fit, but seem to deteriorate as the day progresses.

My daughter informed me earlier that she spoke with someone who had this bloody bug for three weeks before finally shaking it off!

Onwards and upwards :)