I'm still here.

Last Update: March 11, 2016

Phew... it's been a hectic couple of weeks. You may recall that we moved recently; it went smoothly enough and the guys that did the actual lifting and loading worked like ants to get the job done.

The problems started when I tried to redecorate... the previous owner was, I imagine, a chain smoker. Every conceivable surface was covered with a thick layer of nicotine, and all required a wash down with neat bleach to remove it. The ceilings - all Artexed - were the most difficult to clean; I tried Sugar Soap in a spray which had little effect, and was eventually forced to literally hand wash them all... again with neat bleach !!

I only mention the above, because I've had very little chance to work on my site... a week without internet access didn't help, this due to PlusNet sending my new modem to my old address Grrrrr !

Anyway, I'm back now and raring to go. The living room and passage way are newly decorated, and the remaining bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom are all stripped and ready to go. My dear wife is insisting that I finish ALL the decorating before committing anymore time to WA... I've told her politely and firmly that ''that aint gonna 'appen sweetheart''. I was in the dog-house for a few hours - nothing new there lol - but a trip to the shops for a new dress and yet another pair of shoes has brought her round to my way of thinking - nothing new their either!!

Onwards and upwards...

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