The 9-5 Route
Last Update: October 25, 2016

Yesterday I posted about a 30 minute work week. When I did that I was hoping I wasn’t alienating anyone or pointing an accusatory finger at any certain groups.

My belief is we all can have a 30 minute work week and still be productive members of our families and society in general.It may be 30 minutes or 80 hours, but whatever it is, it can be of our own choosing. We do not have to settle for the drudgery of being a nameless part of some behemoth.

If I were to Google “work from home”, “affiliate marketing” or “MLNs”, I would get literally thousands of possibilities. So the opportunities for self-employment and entrepreneurship are readily available and plentiful. The question then is, “do I want to do that?”

I have been involved in several different MLMs over the years. The thing I always hear is “you have to get in early in order to succeed”. Every once in a while I decide to slap myself into reality and look at the successful people in those businesses and check their start dates.

I let someone else steal my dream. I didn’t do the work necessary to make myself follow-able. I didn’t show the marketing plan consistently enough. My reality has to be, that the reason I’m not a “Big Pin” in those businesses is ME.

As a relative newbie in affiliate marketing (Wealthy Affiliates), I can see the same dynamics available to me as with most MLM’s.

  • 1.Relatively inexpensive to initiate
  • 2.All necessary tools available to me
  • 3.Step by step success plan
  • 4.Excellent teaching
  • 5.Tremendous support system

The only requirements to my success are effort and time.Might I have to find other means of provision until I have achieved the level of financial income I need? Probably.But please never tell yourself that you have to accept the 9-5 route permanently.

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MPollock Premium
Great advice thanks,
Ivine Premium
Hi Dennis, enjoyed reading this post. I am trying to automate some of my online business's. Irv.
EricKarch1 Premium
Well said!!
debzo Premium
I think people who do that Dennis wouldn't be here at wa,would be the point :)
Triblu Premium
Hey Dennis,

Think affiliate marketing is soooo much easier 'cause someone is looking for what we're raving about (or hopefully anyway). Where MLMs we gotta' chase (telephone) ... well ... we did back in my days in MLMs (no internet back then).
janmar Premium
Well said Dennis.
AlexEvans Premium
Everything can be be a stepping stone to get somewhere like the beach of your dreams
bigrog44 Premium
Good post, Dennis.
Sdaviscs1250 Premium
Excellent reminder, DennisD1. I am in the dilemma of deciding when is it enough to say goodbye to 4 days a week, 10 hrs a day.

MKearns Premium
good post. Yes...get yourself out of the way first.