Ad Blockers and How they Affect our Sites

Last Update: August 03, 2020

I learn something new every day on WA! For 2 days I have been stuck on why Amazon's Affiliate "Image" or "Text + Image" was not showing up in my Chrome Browser. My son finally figured it out today. You can tell he has the Computer Science degree not me.

We have Chrome Ad Blockers on our computers Now whether that is good or bad is a whole other discussion. I never really thought about it before. It has just been there. Turns out that the Ad Blockers block the Amazon Image from appearing on my site. All you see is white space where the image would have been. Curious thought that when I just use Text links they work fine.

So here is a dilemma. I asked myself how many people are running Ad Blockers and does this affect whether to use Image or Text links for products from Amazon. Also, does the same hold true about images if I use other Affiliate Marketing. One article I read from 2019 said that about 30% of people are using Ad Blockers.

Then I thought I can always do Text and then do the Image link after. But wait a minute. I just watched a video where Kyle said do not get link happy because Google will not like that, and it will affect your ranking.

Bottom line, I solved one issue and now have more learning opportunites ahead! If anyone has any thoughts on this, I am all ears.



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megawinner Premium
Great. Motivating. Florentino
DeniseG7 Premium
Thanks Florentino.
MisterWailor Premium
Nice you know you solve your problem.
DeniseG7 Premium
Thanks. I am getting better at not getting overly frustrated, but glad this one is solved.