The Scary Truth Of My Life

Last Update: Jun 3, 2018

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Hey guys so I don't know where to begin I'm 27 years old and I just came to the realization of how urgently I need financial freedom so currently I have 312.00 and maybe about 10 or 15 dollars in change in my change cup in my car outside so what's my point well guys this is all I have to my name no savings no nothing but the funny thing is I been living like this.

since I was 17 paycheck to paycheck I never knew how scary this was till today I don't know what happen maybe I've been blind this whole time or just sleep on like but I'm WOKE now if my car breaks down IT'S OVER WITH IT, if I get hospitalized ITS OVER WITH, If anything really disrupts the flow of my life in a negative way I could be homeless.

How can anybody live the life I live how can I live the life I live I've always been able to just be able to make it by always had enough money to go out to eat sometimes, shopping here or there, maybe a date, pay rent on time and live my life and just work go home do some hardcore gaming maybe invite a young little tenderoni over "NETFLIX & CHILL" and then proceed back to the online gaming.

And that is my life to this day 6/3/2018 I have no savings, one car, my own place with a roommate, and I only have 312 dollars to may name till I get paid how scary is that I lived like this for so long its numb to me I'm hardened to it its like another Sunday morning but I'm like a glass cannon when I shoot I destroy S*** (side note hey admins can we use profanity in this community I'm just asking for story telling purposes since I'm telling one of my life side note over) but I can be easily destroyed I have been living like this for ten years depended on jobs just to get by.

Its time for me to grow up and I and build something that's going to get me out of the rat race I been running in it long enough 10 years is a long time its time to switch gears this community is the only thing I can do affordable this is it for me I'm giving this my all and going to keep grinding!

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I'm totally with you on that one!

The pay check to pay check rat race life style as a way of survival is very stressful and disheartening, waking up everyday knowing nothing will ever change and feeling trapped with no other choice definitely has an impact on your self esteem and overall health.

You're doing the right thing, by joining wealthy affiliate you are able to unlock the potential to new possibilities.

Better things are yet ahead! Keep the good work up and you will reap the just rewards


Whilst the problem is world wide, you have realized that it is affecting you and are taking action, well done and good luck.

Hi, the problem you describe is not only in America but everywhere else you are not unique and so many live paycheck to paycheck. It is sad but that is the state of people who do not see a way out. You have! made that decision to step outside and try another door, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You made that step when you came here, you will succeed believe in yourself and your abilities. Think only of your goals and work towards it. Wishing you the best.

Thanks for sharing your experience here. I am sorry for what you have been through, just know that nothing is permanent. You are at the right place just work hard on the training, do the tasks, ask questions and above all don't give up. All the best!

More than three quarters of Americans live like this. Here's a link from last year to read about it.

The hard part of the battle is over. You've realized that there is indeed a problem. You've taken the first step to rectify the problem by joining WA.

It's not a fast easy way, but it will work if you do what YOU need to do. To achieve a regular income on WA the average time is around 12-15 months.

I'd like to recommend a couple of books for you to read. The first one is The Richest Man in Babylon By George S. Clason you can find it on the net for free. It's an old book, but still very valid today.

The other two you can borrow from a library.
1) The Go Giver by Bob Burg it pretty much describes what we need to do to succeed. It can be read in 2-3 hours. You want the original version. It has a red cover.

2) Profit First by Mike Michalowicz is another great book for those in your shoes and beginning a business.

Best wishes to you on your journey to achieve financial success!

You're in the right place. WA helps purge demons Demonte!

Don't feel bad I think that's how most people live (paycheck to paycheck), either way, good luck to you here.

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