My progress thus far, You Clicking or Nah?

Last Update: May 28, 2018

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So Just Finishing up level two going to be moving on to the next level I must say I am quite getting into making my content and everything idk why but I never thought I would enjoy blogging but its really nice and I like the feeling of creating my content and the knowledge

research on my product but I really do think it is important to do a niche you love or this could be very hard to do I can't see my self spending all day editing and re checking certain things on my website if I wasn't too interested in it to begin with I love what I'm currently doing here

learning so much every day thank you for everything I've never made money online been failing for years I truly think if I apply everything I learn here and take actions and do the little things and build value and give back I can finally start living the life I've always wanted and make money online!

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This is great to hear Demonte. Well done. And you will definitely start to see the results if you just keep following the training.

All the best,

Thank you sir I can't wait !

Congrats, Demonte. I think we're in about the same place in the training. I need to write my summary of progress. Maybe I'll get that done tomorrow and join you on level 3! Carol

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