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Hi, Dave Demars here; after seeing the test marketing that Marcus is doing by focusing on a narrow niche and trying to produce revenue through free marketing and Google rankings, I’ve decided to do a test of my own. I sincerely hope that Marcus’s test works. I will watch closely and implement his methods if their successful. Meanwhile I’ll be doing an 18 month long test of my own. My test will include methods not talked about that much at WA. Yesterday I received an email fro
I have a new section on my website called Affiliate Success Stories. My intention is to write success stories about people that participate in WA so I can show all the diverse ways people can succeed in affiliate marketing. I will review a site write a positive feedback article. Then include your site link at the end so people can visit and become your customers. If any of you would like to participate email me at - I'm doing it this way so I can write my article t
February 24, 2016
After reading Jude’s post about positive attitude I decided to add my two cents.I’m in total agreement with Jude on PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). What we need to add to this is something I call DMO (Daily Method of Operation)DMO asks - Is the action I’m taking moving me closer to or further from the direction I wish to go?With DMO you can answer any question and move forward in any direction.Example – DMO says you have to have a plan, and that implementing that plan on
February 21, 2016
My current focus is on training. I put together the framework of my site. I'm combining affiliate marketing with retail marketing.I'm excited about how the community works at WA and am becoming more involved each day. I just added a post to my google+ account that shows my WA website.Thank you all for your help so far, Dave
January 28, 2016
My focus is on the training. I've been involved in some of those programs that keep asking for more money. Currently I have retail sites to advertise, I'm interested in affiliate programs, and investment strategies. I also have a blog and a business website already, but plan to move in a different direction with Wealthy affiliate. I'm glad to part of the WA team and will be participating on a daily basis. Thanks for the support, Dave (Cyclops)
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