Followup on PMA by using DMO

Last Update: February 24, 2016

After reading Jude’s post about positive attitude I decided to add my two cents.

I’m in total agreement with Jude on PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). What we need to add to this is something I call DMO (Daily Method of Operation)

DMO asks - Is the action I’m taking moving me closer to or further from the direction I wish to go?

With DMO you can answer any question and move forward in any direction.

Example – DMO says you have to have a plan, and that implementing that plan on a daily basis will take you where you want to go.

How does this relate to being part of WA?

Steps of the DMO framework

  • 1.Decide what you’re good at, what you love doing, or preferably both. (= Pick a Niche)
  • 2.Decide what you want to do with this niche. (How you wish to communicate your ideas with the public)
  • 3.Decide what you want your ultimate outcome to be. (This came from one of my mentors. Tony Robbins said “Know Your Outcome”) this could be to make a difference in the world, but for many of us it will be to make an income to support the lifestyle we wish for.

Personal DMO work sheet

  • 1.Is the action I’m taking moving me closer to or further from the direction I wish to go?
  • 2.I wish to make a difference in the long run.

DMO in daily use

  • 1.Main Goal - I wish to make an income to support the lifestyle I wish for.
  • 2.Short term goal – I need to learn more to get this process started.

Actions I’m taking to move me closer to my goal

  • 1.Do next training at WA
  • 2.Ask about how I can get more traffic
  • 3.Find a mentor that’s doing what I want to do and ask for help

The idea here is that your main goal is long term, and your short term goals are flexible and change as needed.

DMO can be applied to any situation. What you will end up with is a daily list of goals to accomplish that will lead you in the direction you wish to go.

What I do is make my list the night before so tomorrow I won’t have to wonder what to do next. Every day I have a written list in order of importance.

Just follow the list each day and you will surprise yourself at how fast you move forward.

Thanks for taking part in the WA process, Dave

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JudeP Premium
Hi Dave, thanks for expanding on my original idea :) As you have mentioned me in your blog I would be really grateful if you could put a link to my article within your content so people can go and read it if they desire. Many thanks, Jude.
demarsd Premium
Thanks for reminding me, I'm new to this process, Dave