How Do I Find Out If Anyone Is Pinning From My Website?

Last Update: June 20, 2018

To start, see what is being pinned from your own site by using the following URL: add your website name while ommitting the "www".

Clicking on each image/Pin will show who has pinned it and to what board.

You will also see what impressions, saves and clicks that Pin has received.

Click “See More” to get even more stats including clicks to your website.

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sheikave Premium
You need to set up a Pinterest business account. When you validate your account on the stat tab you will be able to see which pins are being seen the most.
Defiant6 Premium
Thanks for sharing that, I realize now that I need to validate my website.
MKearns Premium
Great advice Dee. Didn't know about this!
DeeDee289 Premium
Happy to help :)