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This is going to be short and sweet. I've been guiltily sitting on this for a while and I know it will help newbies with blog posts. . Apologies if I got this from WA but it's well worth a reminder for those who don't know. This is a cool tool that for free gives you a lot of questions that are posted into search engines about any topic. They order the questions into What, When How,Will and Why. You can download the info into an excel doc. Great for giving you all th
July 02, 2020
Hi Everyone6 months of blogging just once per week did it! I was freaked by people saying you have to have hundreds of posts and post 3X per week. But I kept going even though it felt like I was spending precious time writing queality posts for no one. It was a low comp key word. Actually that post only took less than 3 months to rank. But I started the blog six months ago.Then it happened. Suddenly the traffic to our sales page was nearly 500! Yeah I hate techy things and I only recently start
June 10, 2020
Thanks for opening I really am scared and I really would like some input. We are building an email list, well actually a few because they need to be segmented. I know how important email lists are and I'm nervous about what I say to the people on our list incase they unsubscribe. We are in the personal development niche.I know what I like being on a list. There is only one list that I like being on enough to stay for very long, and she always starts with personal stuff. I feel like I know her a
April 30, 2020
Well, I was very thrilled, very, very thrilled this morning when my husband showed me our first online sale. It has been a long time coming. I think I rejoined WA in September last year and we got our first sale on the 30th April 2020.It isn't an affiliate sale either, and that is one of the reasons it's taken so long. I rejoined WA because I wanted a safe and supportive place to learn everything I knew I needed to learn to build an online business. My niche has always been personal development
Hi lovely followers :)I handed in my resigntion yesteray, so in one month's time this will be my full-time gig, very excited. I want to build the most effective overall strategy I can to grow my online business. So far with trying to juggle a pretty-much fulltime job it's mostly been about set up. Setting up the website, creating and publishing content, learning Kajabi, setting up an online course, learning facebook advertising, dabbling in pintrest, instagram and youtube. Of course I have some
April 09, 2020
Firstly Thanks for OpeningI know you have a million choices of blogs to read and everyone is busy.BackgroundAt the end of June my contract ends and I don't want to renew. I want to thrive in my own online business (well mine and hubby's). On one hand that's scarier in this Covid environment because people are short of money and the pool of "casual part-time pay-the-bills" jobs has all but dried up. So if I quit at the end of June I'm really burning my bridges, but this has been a long time comi
March 19, 2020
My last blog post was a whinge about bad commenters so I think it is nice that this week I'm blogging about something positive. I may whinge occassionally but basically I love the sense of community here and that was brought home to me this week by JoeFrancis90 who took the time to answer a question I had posed in a response to someone else's question in a classroom, directly to my profile. I would have responded if he had responded in the thread but maybe some people don't and he had good inf
I have responded to a number of blog posts about the quality of comments recently. People are upset that the quality is getting lower and lower. To date I have supported the commenters, suggesting that we simply edit them to get them to the level we need them to be for our websites. Of course I am referring to people who appear to at least be trying to write decent comments but seem not to have the English written language capacity, to do so.While I am still approving comments that I believe h
This is really bothering me at the moment and I would really appreciate your thoughts. Obviously differnt niches have different requirements and there will probably always be a place for written product reviews but trying to build relationships online with people via written blogs.... well I'm not so sure anymore.I got into this business because writing has always been my thing, but if people prefer to get their content via podcasts or video do I need to make the leap? I know I prefer to watch
What is Your Keyword Strategy?Personally I am all over the place and I would like to develop one so that I have a standard practice for when I'm doing my content creation. Kyle's videos on the subject are rather simplistic because unless I am missing somthing (which is quite likely), they don't go into the area of competition properly. Jaaxy helps but it doesn't give you the authority of the sites that you are competing against, you still have to go into Google and see who is ranking for the ke