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March 19, 2020
My last blog post was a whinge about bad commenters so I think it is nice that this week I'm blogging about something positive. I may whinge occassionally but basically I love the sense of community here and that was brought home to me this week by JoeFrancis90 who took the time to answer a question I had posed in a response to someone else's question in a classroom, directly to my profile. I would have responded if he had responded in the thread but maybe some people don't and he had good inf
I have responded to a number of blog posts about the quality of comments recently. People are upset that the quality is getting lower and lower. To date I have supported the commenters, suggesting that we simply edit them to get them to the level we need them to be for our websites. Of course I am referring to people who appear to at least be trying to write decent comments but seem not to have the English written language capacity, to do so.While I am still approving comments that I believe h
This is really bothering me at the moment and I would really appreciate your thoughts. Obviously differnt niches have different requirements and there will probably always be a place for written product reviews but trying to build relationships online with people via written blogs.... well I'm not so sure anymore.I got into this business because writing has always been my thing, but if people prefer to get their content via podcasts or video do I need to make the leap? I know I prefer to watch
What is Your Keyword Strategy?Personally I am all over the place and I would like to develop one so that I have a standard practice for when I'm doing my content creation. Kyle's videos on the subject are rather simplistic because unless I am missing somthing (which is quite likely), they don't go into the area of competition properly. Jaaxy helps but it doesn't give you the authority of the sites that you are competing against, you still have to go into Google and see who is ranking for the ke
February 08, 2020
I'm writing this post because when I was exploring memberships sites there was surprisingly not much info on Wealthy Affiliate, not that I could find anyway. I will continue to post as I learn more; adding a trail of breadcrumbs as it were. My husband and I wanted to have a membership site so that we can automate and scale up his businesss so that he doesn't have to always be one on one with people, whether in person or on an internet call. Plug-insThere are two ways to have a membership, or pa
January 27, 2020
.....genuinally connecting with WA members via their websites? I have often thought about this. I've seen people try to set up comment swapping deals without going through WA and these never seem to hold up. BUT what I haven't seen is members genuinely connecting with other members' websites in their niche, or where they have an interest and genuinely continuing to engage that way. WHY don't we do this? Or are you doing it and it's just me? We seem to have time to connect on WA via our blog po
January 10, 2020
Honestly, I look at at my ranking and feel sad. Not so long ago I was nearing 50, and now I'm not even in the top 200. This was a conscious decision because there is only so much time and putting it into WA activities that don't specifically impact my business is just not something I'm sure that I can afford. It's been a hectic month with christmas, new year, a family holiday (vacation), bushfires etc. and I acknowledge I'm behind with my business goals on all fronts. Today is the day I'm takin
...but it's pretty darn good. Kyle and Carson may have started this site but everyone here who contributes, helps to make it what it is and that's a pretty amazing thing in an online world that can attract some very sleazy, undesirable characters. I feel safe here and I feel very unsafe out there in the very big, scary world that online business can be. I think of myself as a principled person and I gravitate to people of similar intent. I know that while you get a few bad apples in any box of
So for those of you who don't know, I gave up on my Online dreams for a couple of years in order to secure a mortgage. It turns out banks don't appreciate casual work and the dream of Online domination. My second husband is also self employed and we were considered a bad risk. So back I went to the 9-5 world of being an employee.Two years later with a house purchased and mortgage duly in place I am back. I need to put a social media plugin onto my site so I looked up the blogs to find out what
November 18, 2019
I've only been doing this for a few months and I'm tired! In Aussie speak we say "stuffed", but I don't know if that's a description that translates well across the world, you may think I've over eaten.The thing is, most of us newbies are doing this on the side while holding down full or nearly full time jobs and still managing our families. It's a hard gig, and I've even come down with a couple of illnesses, which is not like me. Any strategies you would care to share regarding sustaining ener