Opportunity to Make More Impact

Last Update: Apr 29, 2019

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Opportunity to Make More Impact

Starting off here at WA about six weeks ago as a free member was with a lot of curiosity and uncertainty. However, just few days down the line I started to feel comfortable that this might be genuine. Therefore, I upgraded to premium after one week.

The information coming from the training and the supports coming from the community members are highly cherished. I was prepared to follow through every bit of the lessons to learn what I needed to learn so I can be successful at running my business online. With the few weeks I have been at WA, I have achieved more than I ever thought possible on my own.

At first I couldn’t believe I could build a website that I can be proud of. I previously have two websites which were built for me by professionals at a cost. I had tried to monetize one of the websites with no success. Going through the lessons at WA and performing the tasks have seen me through building my niche website which has been found by Google and the contents indexed in Google. My website is still a work in progress though, but it is definitely going up there. I am more excited in the fact that the website is getting developed into an enviable website as I go along with my lessons and taking the actions. I have decided to concentrate on one website for now and develop it to the best.

As I move along I can foresee the potential of reaching people of all races and from all over the globe, thereby making more impact with my knowledge and skills in helping people reduce their risks for non-communicable diseases through nutrition. This is particularly exciting to me.

I believe that my ability to help people will ultimately translate to generating income for me and hence the success of my online business. This line of action is yet to be very clear to me. However, I am of the opinion that I still have a lot to learn in the 3rd 4th and 5th lessons. I am looking forward to the strategy I need to use in running my niche business online to make great impact and financial success.

I would have loved to share a bit of nutrition issues here for the benefit of fellow WA members, but am being careful not to contradict the guiding rules of the community. However, it suffices to share that, whatever your pursuit, be careful to look after the affairs of your body. Just as you expertly work on keeping the health of your website in good shape, so also mind the nourishments you feed your body. The things you feed your body to a large extent influence your health.

I like to thank the co-founders of WA for the training and good management as well as the amiable WA members for their support.

Wishing you all your desired success.


Recent Comments


Congratulations with your achievements!
Wish you great success!

Great to hear of your progress, Debbie.
Your words are so true that we must look after our own health as well as the health of our site.
Have a beautiful week!
C & P

Congrats Debbie,

Welcome home, onward and upward.


Well done

Good post. You are doing well and will continue to move forward with your positive attitude. Good luck to you.

Well said Debbie! Yes I must say I've learnt a lot about myself and how to start my own business here at WA. Thx to everyone!

You have a very worthwhile message to spread with your website.
All the best for your success!


Congratulations and I’m sure you will achieve and go further than your expectations.
All the best

Congratulations Debbie. Ineed a great place to learn and grow.

Wishing you all the best with your online business.

Good start Debbie, keep it going.

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