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Last Update: Jan 17, 2021

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I did not write this - but WOW does it speak to my heart!!! Worth the read.

Barely the day started and... it's already six in the evening.

Barely arrived on Monday and it's already Friday.

... and the month is already over.

... and the year is almost over.

... and already 40, 50 or 60 years of our lives have passed.

... and we realize that we lost our parents, friends.

and we realize it's too late to go back...

So... Let's try, despite everything, to enjoy the remaining time...

Let's keep looking for activities that we like...

Let's put some color in our grey...

Let's smile at the little things in life that put balm in our hearts.

And despite everything, we must continue to enjoy with serenity this time we have left. Let's try to eliminate the afters...

I'm doing it after...

I'll say after...

I'll think about it after...

We leave everything for later like ?? after ?? is ours.

Because what we don't understand is that:

Afterwards, the coffee gets cold...

afterwards, priorities change...

Afterwards, the charm is broken...

afterwards, health passes...

Afterwards, the kids grow up...

Afterwards parents get old...

Afterwards, promises are forgotten...

afterwards, the day becomes the night...

afterwards life ends...

And then it's often too late....

So... Let's leave nothing for later...

Because still waiting see you later, we can lose the best moments,

the best experiences,

best friends,

the best family...

The day is today... The moment is now...

We are no longer at the age where we can afford to postpone what needs to be done right away.

I did not grow up in the Flintstone era yet The Jetsons seemed far fetched.....AWESOME but far fetched. I've been fortunate enough to see most of this come to fruition. If you are reading this and you remember watching these cartoons then you know what I mean.

We can NOT do anything about the past although we can have SOME control over our future but we're not there yet.


We have everything we need but will we take control now or lose it in the afterwards?

I know for some it is already Monday but for many of us, it's still Sunday. Time to reflect and decide what you will do. Monday....a new week, a new start? It's all in our hands. Don't let another day pass!

Our bodies may be getting older but that comes with WISDOM that needs to be shared.

Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoyed the read and have an AWESOME week!!!



ps -- does anyone else see the makings of wine in the hour glass? Just add water. LOL!

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Being busy, can lead to being busy for busys sake. Thinking thinking thinking and missing what's going on right now.

Your text was a wonderful way to finish the weekend and lead into another exciting live in the moment week.

Great share, Debbi.


Thank you, Alex. I thought it was perfect for a Sunday reflection.

I really enjoyed this read Debra. A beautiful text. Who wrote it? And it is so true! Life is so precious. Every day is a gift to be grateful for. Live, Love and matter.

I don't know who wrote it but they hit the mark!!!!!

Wow Debbi, that has me fighting the tears. I have no words to express how true that is. Putting off until tomorrow, or we will do that next summer. Someday we must... Then everyone is suddenly gone. I then do the things on my own and think about when I did it before. Wow that's rough. Even the clothes I bought and kept for good and never wore. I live with regret continuously and in the past. Thanks for sharing

I'm there with you!!!! It really made me stop to think as well. I'm glad I wasn't alone. 🤗 You're welcome!

Yabba dabba, et al, know what you mean...grin. Today is all we have, the gift of presence. To be present in all that we do.

Great post, Debbi!

dooooooo. Loved both of those cartoons. I'm so guilty of not living in the present. So, this struck a chord.

Grin, come on, those were the days when cartoons were cool..Tom and Jerry, Heckle and Jeckle, mighty

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